Why Did Sati Consumed Herself In The Fire And What Is The Place Where Sati Clause Dropped On The Earth?

About Sati 

Sati Is Also Know As DHAKSHYANKI. Sati Is The Daughter Of DAKASHA (fatherAnd PRAPRASUTI (Mother). Sati Is The First Wife of Lord Shiva.



Sati Consumed Herself In The Fire As Sati Married Lord Shiva Against Her Father Wish. So Sati Killed Herself To Protest Herself Again And Retained Her Husband's Honor. After The Dead Of Sati Her Some Body Parts Dropped On The Earth.


Place Of Where Sati body Parts Drop On The Earth 

 There Are 51 Place   Where   Sati body Parts   falled, Know As   Shaktipeeth.

Hinglaj Mata            Hinglaj Mata 


1. Hinglaj Mata Temple- Hinglaj Mata Temple Is A Hindu Temple Located On The Banks Of HIngoli River In Hinglaj, Baluehustan Province Of Pakistan. It Is One Of Fifty-one Shaktipeeth Dedicated To The Hindu Goddest Sati. This Goddest Is Also Known As Hinglaj Devi Or Hingula Devi This Temple Is Also Known By The Name Of Nani Temple. 

2. Karvir- karvir Devi Mandir Is A Hindu Temple Which Is Found In Kohlapur, State Of Maharashtra, India. This Temple Is devoted to Mata Durga And Therefore The Name Of This Temple Come In Siddhupith.

3. Sunanda Temple- The Temple Of Ugaratra Devi, Situated On The Banks Of the Sungha River In A Village Called Shikarpur, 21 kilometer North Of Barisal, Is Considered To  Be The Shaktipeeth. It's Said That At This Place Sati Mata's Nose Fell. The Goddest Here Are Sunanda And Shiva Trimbak. That's why This Peeth Is Additionally Called Sunanda Peeth.

4. Amarnath Temple- Amarnath Cave Is A Hindu Shrine Place In Jammu And Kashmir At Associate Altitude Of 3, 888 meter (12,756 ft), Regarding 141 kilometres 88 milesFrom Srinagar.

        Jawalamukhi Temple 


5. Jawalamukhi Temple- Jawalamukhi Is A Hindu Diety Peetha City And A Nagar Parishad In Kangra District Within The Indian State Of Himachal Pradesh.

6. Jalandhar Temple- Jalandhar Shaktipeeth Is A Religious Place For Hindus. This Shaktipeeth Is Named As Devi Talab Mandir. Which temple found in Jalandhar, punjab In India. It is believed that this temple is 200 year previous there is a Lake on the point of this Temple that is taken under consideration Holy.

7. Baidhyanath dham- Baidhyanath Dham, The Famous Pilgrimage Center In The Deoghar, jharkand, Is The ninth jyotiriling Of The  Lord Shankar. This Jyotrillinga  is considered to be The Most Glorified Among All Jyotrillings, But It Is The Only Place In India Where Jyotrrilinga Is Also Associated With Shaktipeeth. This Is The Reason That This Place Is also Called ' Hirday Peeth'.

8. Pashupatina Temple- Pashupatina Temple Is A Hindu Temple Set Within The Village Of Devpatan On The Banks Of The Bagmati Stream, 3 kilometres northwest  of the capital of national capital Nepal before Asian Nation became a laic. National This Temple was Through. About  to be the  most residence of the National divinity, Lord pashupati.

        Khamakhya Temple 


9. Kamakhya Temple-  Kamakhya Temple is a sakshat Temple dedicated to God Kamakhya. It is The oldest temple among the Fifty one Shaktipeeth. Tamatar temple is found on the Neelachal Hill Among  The Western A Region Of Guwahati city In Assam, India.

10. Ujjaiyni temple-  This Is In The Shaktipeeth Mahakal temple, which is in madhya pradesh. Sati's Elbow Fell Here. It Is Considered To Be The Presiding Diety of Ujjain. The worshiper Gets Fame And Fame From It's workship And All- round Development Of The City Can Also Be Done With The Blessing of Goddest.

11. Manasa Temple -  This  ShaktiPeeth is found Close  To The  foot of Kailash mountain In Mansarovar, Tibet, China.

12. Bimla Devi Temple- Bimla Devi Temple is located next to The Scared Pond Called Rohni Kunda Within The Complex Of Jagannath Temple At Puri, Odisha.

           Gandaki Temple 


13. Gandaki Temple- This  ShaktiPeeth is found at the origin of the river of kingdom Nepal.

14. Bahula Temple-  bahula ShaktiPeeth found in West Bengal Close To Katwa.

15. Tripura Temple-  The temple is located within Ancient Town Of Udaipur, Concerning fifty-five kilometres From Agartala Tripura.

16. Chattal Temple-   chattal Shaktipeeth Is Located In Sitakunda Station Of Chittangong District Bangladesh. 

17. Trisrota Shaktipeeth- Trisrota Shaktipeeth Is Situated An The Banks Of River. TTrirsota In Vodagani Village Of Talpaiguri District Within The State Of West Bengal.

             Prayaga Temple 


18. Prayaga Temple- Prayag Shaktipeeth Is Located At Prayajraj In Allhabad, Uttar Pradesh.

 19. Jayanti Temple-  it is located in the west Jaintia Hills District Of Meghalaya.

20. Yagadya Temple- Yagadya Shaktipeeth Is Situated In Khirgram Village In West Bengal.

21. Kalighat Temple- It Is Situated In District Kolkata, West Bengal.

22. Varanasi Temple-  it is located in  Mirghat On The Banks Of The Ganges At Varanasi In Uttar Pradesh. 

      Kanyakumari Temple 


24. Kanyakumari Temple- it is located in cape  Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

25. Bhadrakali Temple- It Is situated in district kurukshetra, Haryana.

26. Manivedia shaktipeeth-  it is located at Pushkar Rural, Rajasthan.

27. Kiriteshwar Mata shaktipeeth- located in kiriteshwar, West Bengal. 

28. Kankalitala shaktipeeth- located in Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu.

29. Amarkantak Temple-  located in in bouder of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. 


30. Narmada temple- Located in bouder Of Madhya Pradesh And Chattisgarh. its also about that the shivalinga is most famous of the world. More about it article 

31. Ramgiri Temple -  it is found  in Chitrakoot, .

32. Vrindavana shaktipeeth-  located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

33.Narayni Shaktipeeth- located in suchindraim, Tamil Nadu.

34. Panchasagara Shaktipeeth- located in bhabanipur shaktipeeth is a sacred web site around Karatoya Situated Regarding twenty eight kilometres (17 miles) from Sherpur upazila of bogra District, Rajshahi decisions, Bangladesh. 

35. Shriparvat shaktipeeth-  located in Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir.

36. Bheemakali shaktipeeth- located on the banks of the water course roopharayant at tamluk village, purab medinipur in West Bengal. 

37. Chandrabhanga shaktipeeth- in prabhas patan , gujrat.

38. Bhairav parvat Temple-  in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

39. Janasthan shaktipeeth-  in godavari river valley located in Nashik city of Maharashtra.

40. Ambhika Shaktipeeth-  in papri, Rajasthan.

41. Kiriteshwari Temple-  in kriteshwar, West Bengal.

42. Ratnavali shaktipeeth- in khanakul, West Bengal. 

            Janki mandir 


43. Janki mandir-  in Janakpur, Nepal.

44. Kalika shaktipeeth- in nalhati, West Bengal.

45. Sarvanandakari shaktipeeth- in patna, bihar.

46. Manikyambha Temple- in draksnarana, andhra pradesh.

47. Shri barkrewar Temple- in bhirbhum, West Bengal.

48. Jessoreswari Temple- in jessore, Bangladesh. 

49. Athahas Temple- in bhirbhum, West Bengal. 

50. Nandikheshwari Temple- in saimthia, West Bengal. 

51. inarakshi Temple- in nellore, srilanka.


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