Why Covid is increasing in India?

The second wave of corona infection in India is more contagious than before but less deadly. It was pre-conceived by many experts and epidemiologists. Significantly, on Thursday, more than 81 thousand cases of corona infection were reported. This figure is the highest since October last year.

The Times of India has analyzed the principal stage and the second rush of contamination spread across 23 significant states and association regions. There has been a rapid increase in new cases in this analysis.


Corona infection speed up in many states of the country

It is worth noting that the epidemic can be divided into two broad stages based on the rate of increase of cases. The initial phase - which started in January last year. This phase was at its peak around September last year and it had cooled off in mid-February. At the same time, the latest phase has started after February this year. In this, the speed of contamination is expanding each day in a large portion of the states (with the exception of Maharashtra and Punjab). This increment might be because of diminished control and brokenness. 

Simultaneously, the figures likewise affirm that the subsequent wave is at the top in five states and association domains - Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chandigarh. The cases here have also crossed the previous stage.


Maharashtra has the highest number of corona cases

In Maharashtra, the first wave started on March 9, 2020, and ended on December 22, 2020. , When the daily average cases reached their minimum value. During these 288 days, 19 lakh cases were registered, which was 6,606 on an average day. Since December 22, the state is witnessing another upsurge in affairs. As of 31 March 2021, 9.1 lakh cases were reported, ie, a daily average of 9,197 cases. Similarly, in Punjab, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, cases of infection are increasing every day,


Cases are increasing but mortality is low

Aside from the expansion in the day by day case, taking all things together these states and Union Territories, there is an emotional decrease in the demise rate in the continuous phase of the pestilence. 

Maharashtra has seen a decline of 75% for the situation office rate (CFR), 41% in Pantab, 83% in Gujarat, 72% in Madhya Pradesh and 65 per cent in Chandigarh. According to Dr Sumit Ray, Head of Critical Care Medicine at Holy Family Hospital, Delhi, "It is being reported that the virus is more infectious and less deadly, as the overall death rate across the country is almost one-third of what it was before.

Dr Sumit Ray says that the real reason for the low mortality rate in the current wave is the high incidence of infection among the youth. They say that now a large number of elderly people have been vaccinated in the country. At the same time, the young Corona does not follow the rules much. In such a circumstance, the chance of these youngsters getting crown tainted has expanded.

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