Who is wildly Indian?

wildly indian

Wildly Indian, aka Aakash Vimal, is a Delhi based YouTuber and a wildlife rescuer.

He started his YouTube channel almost two years ago to spread awareness about various animal welfare issues and busted many myths about different species since then.

He started an animal rescue service ‘Fauna Foundation Official’ having the tag line- ‘conserving the borderline for wildlife.’

He, with his team, rescued so many innocent souls. We are so grateful to have such great people among us who cares for the beings who cannot speak up for themselves, and we need more such people on this planet so that every living being can live their best life.

His forever- love Olive the Iguana.


His iguana olive helped so much to spread awareness and busted so many myths about reptiles.

She actually changed the whole picture and changed the perspectives of people who hated reptiles for no reason.

Even if she’s not among us, we cherish all the moments that she shared with us, and she will be loved forever, for no doubt.

His biodiverse family

wildly indian family

We can call his home a biological hot spot. It’s so astonishing and relaxing at the same time to see all his pets and how well they co-exist.

His dogs Snowy and Thiessen. Snowy is more like a big sister, and Thiessen seems to be queen.




His Persian cat Simba can take your heart away. He loves to follow Aakash wherever he goes and loves to explore.


His sugar-sweet Sugar Gliders can melt your heart right away! They are snuggly; they are sweet; we can watch the whole day!  (but the fact is they are nocturnal)

sugar gliders

His exotic snakes- African ball python and a corn snake! Again busting myths about snakes!


african ball python

He also has so many fish species and a great lobster.


And so many more!

Having pets is a huge responsibility! Think 100 times before you bring one.

Fauna Foundation Official-conserving borderline for wildlife

fauna foundation

Contact-082856 49283

Through this foundation, he does countless rescues, spreads awareness about different animal issues, and reminds people of their duty and responsibilities for these innocent souls.

They, as a team, are determined to conserve and protect the native wildlife. Being in the city, they are more focused on urban wildlife and pet welfare.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Animal-Rescue-Service/Fauna-Foundation-of-India-104585177651079/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/wildly_indian/?hl=en

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wildly+indian+


Many people buy exotic pets without thinking about their maintenance, and when they cannot keep them, they release them locally without even thinking that this might become a big problem for our native species.

If you cannot keep one, you can contact them for further guidance.

Keeping pets can feel very good, and no doubt they make us happy and content, but we should keep in mind that they are also living beings, and we should provide them the best we can.

Wildly Indian showcases a perfect example of an amazing pet owner (they are his family though) and a responsible human being who can go to any length to save an innocent life.

We are very lucky to have people like him in our country, and we should also teach our younger generation that it is their moral duty to save an innocent life.

Keep inspiring us like this, Aakash Vimal.

Be wild! 


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