Who Is True Friend..?


                                                                                   Who Is True Friend..?


All animals has their friends. Among the animals we are humans. If we compare humans to animals, we will have more emotional feelings. One of them is the Friendship. It is a bond between two humans or more. They are either males or females or both. Because the friendship do not have any conditions, agreements. But the question is Who Is True Friend..?

The one who friendship you unconditionally is the true friend. The true friend do not expect anything from your side. Sometimes true friend will be a helper, master, lover. But all these emotions, feelings comes with time. Wherever you are in this world, the friendship between you and your true friend can't break. Because it is a strong bond. The True Friend cannot expect anything, and gives more love, more care. True friend will encourage you when you are in failure, appreciate you when you done something worthwhile.

The True Friend is like a sharpner because he sharps you when you are not in a way to write. The True Friend always makes you happy without expecting anything. The True Friend is the one who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face. True Friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes. True Friendship is rarer than in True Love. Everything in this world is temporary, our life has short time. So give Love every second to your friends..

True Friends are not the ones who make your problem dissapear, they are the ones who won't dissapear when you are in problem.

Give more Love, it costs nothing. The Truthness of friendship is not in your words it depends on your behavior, actions towards your friend.

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