Which food supplements increase the risk of getting cancer?

Which food supplements increase the risk of getting cancer?


Every year millions of deaths occur due to cancer all over the world. If it is not controlled in the initial phase, it isn't easy to save the human being. 20% of people in America have cancer due to weight gain, physical connectivity, poor nutrition, and alcohol. Experts say that a person's lifestyle and diet have a direct connection to cancer. National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 7 November to make people aware of cancer.



Are you addicted to these things?

According to 'Medical News Today,' cancer risk can be reduced or increased through diet. Due to the variety of things involved in food and drink, it is difficult to determine what in the diet increases the risk of cancer. However, doctors consider some things as very responsible for this.



Ultra Processed Food: -

 Ultra Processed Food: Packeted bread, sweets, snacks, soda, sugar drinks, processed meat, and can soup come in ultra-processed food. It is from these that the risk of cancer is highest. Also, food products with high amounts of sugar, oil, or fat increase the risk of cancer.



What is Processed Meat?

Processed meat is mixed with chemicals and preservatives to keep it fresh for a long time. Food items such as sauces, ham, bacon, hot dogs, and packet closed meats are available in the market as processed meats.



1 Red Meat vs. Processed Meat: -

Many such research types have come out in which researchers have claimed that eating processed meat continuously causes bladder cancer. However, there is no evidence for increasing the risk of cancer with non-processed rate meat. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, frequent processed meat intake can cause stomach or colorectal cancer.



2. Alcohol: -

 Alcohol- Researchers also claim that excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of cancer. Consumption of alcohol or any intoxicant makes a person prone to cancer in parts like oral cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and choleractum cancer.



3. Smoke: -

 Smoke - According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, consumption of cigarettes or tobacco in addition to alcohol also increases the risk of cancer in people. Alcohol or other drugs have chemicals that damage human DNA by damaging human DNA.



4. Protein Diet Dangerous: -

 Protein diet - Some people take more protein to stay healthy. This is done to strengthen muscles, reduce weight, and control appetite. By doing this, you promote the risk of cancer. According to a study, high protein food, especially red meat protein, increases cancer risk.



Why is protein threatened?

Taking more protein in the diet increases the risk of cancer by 4 percent. Increasing the amount of protein in food by 10 percent can increase cancer risk up to three times. Reduce the protein amount in your diet, especially the protein you take from red meat, dairy products, and cheese. Keep in mind that the amount of protein does not decrease so much that you soon start looking malnourished.



How Much Protein to Eat?

This study was done on 6,138 participants over 50 years of age. The research and its results have been published in detail in the journal Cell Metabolism. According to studies and health agencies, a person should eat 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of their weight. For example, if you weigh 50 kg, you should not take more than 40 grams of protein per day.

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