WhatsApp against coronavirus: WHO has an official bot with information

The current situation, with the worldwide expansion of the coronavirus, requires us to stay informed. Unfortunately, in a time like this, it is easy for all kinds of hoaxes and false news to circulate, especially in an application like WhatsApp. The messaging app, therefore, works to fight fake news, even making donations to it. Now a new measure is announced, which will be very helpful.

The WHO (World Health Organization) creates its bot for WhatsApp. This bot will keep you informed with the latest news about the coronavirus, so you are always up to date. Also, you ensure that you get accurate information, avoiding unfounded rumors, which do not help you in these situations.

WHO Official Bot

This bot is currently only available in English, although the WHO plans to launch it in more languages. It is presented as a quick access point to the information they present on their website. In this bot on WhatsApp, we can have quick access to the evolution of the coronavirus worldwide so that we do not have to be looking for data every time. These summaries will be featured in this conversation.

This bot works automatically, with a series of sections. There are tips on how to reduce the chances of contagion (washing your hands frequently, keeping your distance, etc.), tips to reduce stress and nervousness in a situation like this, as well as information or assistance phone numbers in various regions of the world. They are also publishing recent news, with data on the number of victims, in addition to providing links to report on the WHO website.

Also, in this bot on WhatsApp, a section is dedicated to frequently asked questions that users have to solve many of those doubts that arise. A good way to stay informed, with information that comes directly from the WHO, so there is no room for hoaxes or rumors.

How to have this bot on WhatsApp


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A telephone number is put at our disposal (+41798931892), to which we will have to send a message. This is how you will have this conversation in the application, which we can then set, if we want, to have quick access to it on Android. The steps to have this bot from the OMS are:

  1. Enter this link from your phone.
  2. Click the submit button.
  3. Wait for WhatsApp to open.
  4. Send the message "Join" in the conversation that opens.
  5. Wait to receive the confirmation, and the bot is already available.
  6. Send a number to go to one of the sections or have such information.

In this way, we have these official WHO bots available on WhatsApp. A reliable source of information about the coronavirus, which will allow us to be up-to-date, resolve doubts, and thus avoid consuming false news, which unfortunately abounds at a critical moment like this.



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