What will happen when diamonds start raining on the earth?

Diamond rain on other planets

We are not joking because diamonds rain on other planets in our solar system. Yes… In planets like Jupiter (Jupiter) and Saturn (Saturn), diamonds rain instead of water, so diamond is not a precious thing for these planets. But here the question arises that after all how do the planets like Jupiter and Saturn get the rain of diamonds?

In response to this question, scientists say that the diamond rain on these planets is related to their environment. Actually, diamonds begin to form due to thunderstorms, storms, lightning and atmospheric pressure. Due to thunderstorms and storms, the methane gas present in Saturn's atmosphere is transformed into glass.

After which the glass turns into diamond due to very high atmospheric pressure. In this way, diamonds begin to rain on Saturn and Jupiter. But when these diamonds reach Saturn's earth, due to the extreme temperature there, the diamond melts and takes liquid form, and disappears after some time.

According to scientists, Saturn receives 1 million kilograms of diamonds every year, but this diamond cannot be used by humans in any way. But what happens when diamonds start raining on our earth instead of Saturn. Will we all become very rich or will every item on earth be manufactured only with diamonds? To know the answers to these questions, you will have to watch this video till the end.



Diamond rain on the earth

Everyone wakes up happy as the cloud falls in the sky, only drops of rain work to bring relief in the heat. The rain causes irrigation of crops, while the water levels in the river and lakes rise. But have you ever thought about what would happen if diamonds started to rain instead of water from the sky?

Probably not… because this kind of thing seems impossible, but when diamonds can rain on other planets then why not on our earth. Then what is the delay, let us know what will happen if there is a rain of diamonds on the earth?

If you are fond of getting wet in rain, then be careful because diamond rain from the sky can be harmful to you. Actually, when diamonds fall from the sky, their speed will not be as light as the raindrops. We all know that a diamond is very hard and when a hard object moves towards us with speed, there is a possibility of serious injury.

The same thing will happen during the rain of diamonds because even a small diamond can hurt like a big stone. The outer part of the diamond is very sharp, which can cause serious injury.

Apart from this, if someone tries to catch the diamond falling from the sky, then they can also get physical trauma. In many cases, human death can also occur. In such a situation, when there will be a rain of diamonds on the earth, a person will have to stay hidden in his house,

because no one will want to intentionally blow his head. If you have ever tolerated hail in the midst of rain, then you can understand very well how much you get hurt when a hard thing falls from the sky.

Due to the rain of diamonds, the glass of the car, the window-doors made of glass and the weak walls will also be damaged. The rain of diamonds will be such that it will create more destruction than prosperity on earth. In such a situation, the people of the earth will have to build strong houses, which do not have glass windows and doors. Also, you have to find a safe place to park your car in the open.

Small and poor people will suffer more from the rain of diamonds because their weak houses will not be able to bear it and will break. Many people will be injured there. If you already know about the rain of diamonds through Weather Forecast, then you will not be able to do much. To keep yourself safe as much as possible, you have to buy a strong helmet so that your head does not get seriously hurt in the rain.



Wild animals will be affected

Now it is obvious that if there is a rain of diamonds on the earth, not only humans but animals will also be affected by it. Hundreds of animals living in the forest will not be able to understand this change of weather. Their houses and nests are not strong enough to withstand spiked diamonds, in which case the houses of hundreds of animals will break. At the same time, many creatures will start getting seriously injured.

In such a situation, it is possible that the creatures of the forest start dying in large numbers, if this happens then the bodies of animals and animals will be lying around. The person will have to do the work of setting up the hideout.

Even creatures living in water will not be able to protect themselves from the rains of diamonds. In such a situation, small fishes and sharks will start getting injured by diamonds. Fauna does not have the art of treating itself, so due to injury for many days, there will be a fear of spreading the infection.

At the same time, this infection can also spread rapidly from animals to humans. If the carnivorous organisms start dying due to the rain of diamonds, then the bodies of other animals and animals will start to rot, due to which the air will start smelling and spreading infection. All these things will affect the human being and new diseases will be born.



Diamond will not be precious

After the diamond rain is over, you can come out and cover your roof and the diamonds that fall around it. As most of you will, but at that time the diamond will not be as precious as before. Because everyone will have this precious item now and people will not be eager to buy it. In such a situation, the value of diamonds will be very modest and no one will be able to become rich. Because no one would want to buy a diamond that fell from the sky, nor would anyone want a diamond ring.

However, because of this diamond, humans will start manufacturing new things. For example, instead of brick and cement, houses made of diamonds will start selling. Apart from this, cars, furniture and accessories made of diamonds will be in circulation. However, then people's choice of diamonds will not be the same as before. People who yearn to see and buy something made of diamonds, people will not even ask for diamonds.



It Will have a bad effect on the environment

When there will be diamond rain instead of water on the earth, it will have an impact on humans and animals as well as the environment. Our earth is built in accordance with the environment and whenever there is any activity contrary to the environment on the earth, it causes terrible destruction. If diamonds start raining in place of water on the earth, then gradually there will be a shortage of water all around. We all know how important rainwater is for irrigation, farming and water sources.

When the price of food grains increases after the weak monsoon one year, there is no fear of ever getting rain on the earth. Due to the rain of diamonds, there will be a lot of damage to the crops already, while if some crop survives in any way, then it will also get spoiled due to lack of water. This situation will not be of one or two countries, but of the whole world. In such a situation, we will not be able to buy food from any other country.

Due to the lack of rain, the river and lake will slowly dry up and people will not get drinking water. In such a situation, hundreds of people will die due to hunger and thirst, and those who survive will become infuriated only after killing each other for food. Due to lack of rain, trees and forests will dry up and heat will rise, due to which the glacier and snow will melt rapidly. The forests will catch fire due to the heat and melting glaciers will cause floods and tsunamis, which will submerge the city's cities.

Animals and animals have already lost their lives due to this change, due to which the corpses will smell in the air. In such a situation, it will be difficult for the human to breathe and after some time life will completely come to an end from the earth. After that, there will be no one to see the rain of diamonds or silver on the earth.



Diamond will never rain

By now you must have understood what can happen if the diamonds rain on the earth instead of water. But you do not need to panic about this situation, because there can never be a rain of diamonds on the earth. Not at all as long as humans exist on earth. Actually, the reason for this is the atmosphere of the Earth, which is completely different from other planets. The amount of methane gas in the earth's atmosphere is very small, so it is impossible to convert methane gas into glass due to hurricanes.

At the same time, the atmospheric pressure of the earth is not so much that it can turn the glass into diamond because to do this the atmospheric pressure of the earth must be 1 thousand times higher than the present pressure. And even if the atmospheric pressure of the earth becomes so high in the future, it is impossible to imagine life on earth in that situation.

Because it is impossible for any creature or human to be alive under so much pressure. That is, even if the atmosphere and atmosphere of the earth will be favorable to the rain of diamonds, then humans will not survive to face that rain. Therefore, there is no need to fear the destruction caused by the rain of diamonds.

Just by imagining the rain of diamonds, life on the earth is affected, if it ever comes to such a situation, it would be almost impossible to avoid it. Although there will be no rain of diamonds on the earth, if such an event happens, what are the ways you will try to stay alive, please tell us in the comment section. Maybe the remedy you have mentioned can help someone to get out of a difficult time.


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