What to do for a strong immune system and how away from diseases.


     Seasonal diseases in the changing season are more tightening those people who are a biography power (immunity) has become weak. Such people should improve their body diseases resistance (immune). Disease resistance will develop, so many big diseases and infection will also defend themselves. Disease resistance in our body is a mechanism, which keeps away these bacteria, viruses and microbes from the body. That is, there is a protection mechanism within our body, which protects against all the diseases of the body. It is called body disease resistive or immunity capability.



       How does immunity work

     we take all the bacteria and viruses present in the atmosphere through a continuous breath, but their bacteria can not reach us because our resistant mechanism keeps defeating them all the time. Many times when the strength of these outer germs increases, then they discriminate the body resistance. many seasonal diseases surround us. winter, colds are indicated that your resistant system failed to stop the germs.

       In a few days, you get cured. this means that the mechanism again emphasised and defeated the germs. if the resistance system had not been able to emphasize again then the person has never received relief from colds.

      The main reason for the people is a virus and bacteria infection. Because of them, there can be a disease like a cough, flax, malaria, the work of protecting the body from these infection does the immune system.



   How to decreasing people in immune

 when we are decreasing immunity in people due to the habit of working until irregular catering, insomnia.late night and due to irregular routine.



You adopt daily to increase immune 

 Take yoga and exercise

 our body immune system boosts from exercise and makes blood sales. These blood cells work to kill viruses that arrived in the body.



  Meditation and be happy

    By making an edition, your brain remains calm and happy as the production of hormones increases. these hormones help to freeze the other cells of our body, so that immune cell is easier to identify the body parts affected by the virus. at the same time, the immune cells can attack that virus with full power.



The protein diet in breakfast

Protein diet in breakfast our body from protein gets L- Arginine amino acids, which helps in generating helper T-Sales in our body. These T-Sales give energy to the elevated calls to increase our disease. You can eat porridge, boiled pulses salad, whole grains and sprouts for breakfast.



Spend some time in the sun

      It is important to spend time in the sun because sunlight works by giving energy to the T-Sales, which helps in the fight in our body.



Try to stay stress-free  

    Staying stress-free increases our disease resistance capacity in many ways. For this, you can take help of dance, music, meditation and favorite books because of happiness, the production of endorphins increases in our body, which relaxes us. When the body is relaxed the immunity increases itself.


8 Hours needed to sleep 

   Sleep is proved to be very effective in increasing immunity. Why inmunus is fighting better than immune system disease, it is quicker to diseases.in such a situation, those who do not sleep in good and adequate amounts can have many diseases. those who sleep only for 6 hours are more likely to have a disease like a cough. Therefore, it is important to take at least 8 hours to sleep for healthy. By taking adequate sleep, the brain and the body remains tight, and it also enhances your immunity.

Nutrient needed to increase immunity the main nutrient that can promote immune zinc, vitamin D and. Vitamin C.




    you should consume zinc-containing foods such as oyster, conch, chess, legumes such as chickpeas, pulse and beans. However, due to fighting the absorption of zinc is not very good. helps to increase heating sprouting or fermentation absorption. There is a strong connection between zinc and good immunity. Your immunity requires zinc for almost every single level. Nuts like peanuts, cashews and almonds also prompt your zinc intake.



Vitamin D

   It is anti-inflammatory properties and is important for the construction of a strong immune system for vitamin D  4 day at least 10 to 20 minutes can also help bring your body in contact with the sun. Some food sources include oil, salmon and fertilized milk, but vitamin D works only for immune in the presence of vitamins A therefore, to get vitamin A, eat carrots, among, dry apricots and all yellow vegetables.

Vitamin C

   Vitamin C comes prominently in the things that increase disease resistance. vitamin C is present in the sourest fruits such as orange, seasonal, strawberry, berries and lemon. vitamin C creates whites blood cell in the body that helps the body to fight infection. Those home remedies to increase immunity more and more drink water it is quite necessary to remain hydrated to increase our immunity. Because the lack of water has a bad effect on the kidney and it also increases the risk of being a variety of illnesses. Therefore, the body should drink more quantity to keep hydrated.




  Tulsi is such a medicine that can get rid of many diseases.  the immune system can also be trying the end by consuming tulsi. Tulsi leaves have properties that can work effectively in strengthening disease resistance. If you want to increase immunity in a natural way, you can start the tulsi intake. you can drink tulsi water or tea.




     Some medicines have increased in your kitchen that there is on medication. turmeric is also called a painkiller that is why turmeric and like are imposed on the injury.to increase immunity, take turmeric intake regularly.




     Ginger is hot food. In the treatment of cough. the intake of ginger protects you from infection and flu. ginger can be used in the form of vegetable eat, decoction, etc. to increase immunity.




     Consumption of cinnamon is considered to be very beneficial for health. if consuming daily cinnamon can help in defending from many diseases. Cinnamon's spice is also considered beneficial to strengthen the immune system.




     if you want to increase immunity in a natural way, then daily giloy can be consumed by drinking water in water. giloy is considered to be very effective for the immune system.




    Garlic is quite helpful in increasing disease resistance. Ali is found in garlic which is known to increase disease resistance.




    The spinach will get you any store of vegetables. Spinach is the largest source of vitamin C.there are many types of antioxidant that increase our ability to fight infections of our immune system. 




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