What makes Yuvaraj Singh different from others?

Yuvraj's contribution in both world cup we won

Yuvraj Singh was fighting like lion's share in both the 2007 and 2011 World Cups we won.  He made significant strides in both the series and for this Yuvraj was honoured with the Man of the Series award in both the World Cup series.



Earlier life of Yuvraj Singh

 39 years old Yuvraj Singh was born on 12 December 1981 at Chandigarh. Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj Singh also a former test player of India. once he played cricket for the Indian team in the '80s.  He also wanted Yuvraj to play cricket for the Indian team.  Yuvraj did not disappoint them and all Indians.  The only thing that makes his fans feel bad is that Yuvraj was not impressed in the Test match.



The starting point of Yurraj carrier

  When Yuvraj joined the Indian team, there was a huge void in the Indian team.  Veterans like Jadeja, Azhar, Mongia were out of the team.  Sachin and Ganguly were handling the opening side well.  But there was no one to play in after them.  The void was filled by the arrival of Yuvraj, Kaif and Raina.  

the turning point of Yuvraj Singh's carrier

Yuvraj and Kaif brought real strength to the middle order.  The duo of Yuvraj Kaif made the Indians believe that they could win the match even after Sachin's dismissal.  The 121-run partnership between the two in the final of a series in England helped India win the match and the duo gained real popularity.  Yuvraj had another credit side.  Yuvraj used to fill the gap of the fifth bowler by bowling a little too much along with batting.  Dhoni bowled Yuvraj on many difficult occasions.  And he made Dhoni's faith come true and got the victim. also, fans of Yuvraj Singh will never forget the moment at the 20/20 world cup. when he hit Broad all around the park. he hit 6 sixes in an over. that record will always remember by his fans and who loved cricket. 



Bad time of Yuvraj's carrier when he suffers from Cancer

 Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer after vomiting blood on the field during the 2011 World Cup.  In a short time, Yuvraj overcame cancer and returned to the team.  His struggle was visible to the people.  I knew that Yuvraj was playing on the field.  Yuvraj did not have his first passion.  Then it started to come in and out of the team.  His cable was flying over the bouncing ball.  By then, new asthma players were starting to appear in the team.  Yuvraj was falling short compared to Virat, Pandya and Rohit.



End of Yuvraj Singh's International Cricket carrier

And that time was near.  Then Yuvraj announced his retirement one day.  The Indian Cricket Board hosted his last match and signalled his readiness to retire with honour.  But Yuvraj was a fighter, not helpless.  He flatly refused such a retirement.  This arrogance and fighting spirit make Yuvraj even bigger in our eyes. now we see Yuvraj playing in IPL matches. it's always good to see him on the field. the first time he played from the Punjab Kings XI team. then he played from the Mumbai Indians team.

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