What is Windows Registry?

What is Windows Registry

Windows Registry, which is usually referred to just from the registry. It is a collection of databases of configuration settings in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

You must have installed much important software in your Windows, then you will know that every software has some important data such as its path, location, address, the necessary settings of the software, themes, resources, in addition to the software version. It happens.

The place which is used to install them all is called Windows Registry. Windows registry is a type of database where all the data of the software is kept in the format of the tree. There is another folder inside one folder and every folder has its data on the right side.

Apart from the software, the necessary settings of Windows, References, Database etc. are also installed in the Windows Registry itself. Apart from this, data related to Operating System and Hardware is also installed in Windows Registry itself. In this way, you must have known how important data is installed in the Windows registry.

The most important thing is that we can also read the Windows registry and if needed we can also write it, that is, we can also change it. The registry is the main part of Windows where all types of Software, Hardware, Windows Settings etc. are installed in various types of Databases.



How does the Windows registry work?

Windows Registry installs software and program settings, Windows default settings, Operating System Configure, Hardware Configure, Control Panel settings, etc. Whenever we load any software or program in Windows, its entire database goes into the Windows registry. Whenever we make some changes in Windows, changes are also made in the Windows registry automatically.

For example, whenever a software is installed in Windows, a Sub Key is created in the registry, in which the location, cation, version, technique of starting this software, some important settings, etc. are automatically installed. . You can find information about that software by going to the registry.



Why is the Windows registry used?

Windows Registry is used to store the information and set of software programs, which mainly include hardware devices, user preferences, operating system configurations, etc.

For example, when you install a new program, a new set of instructions and file references are automatically added to the registry, to the program in a specific location, and to others that interact with them. So that it can refer to other things for more information such as where files are located, where to use options from cones, etc. in the program.



Why is Windows Registry Cleaning Important?

When your computer starts running slowly, hangs on the go, your computer starts to freeze or crash, then understand that you need to clean the registry of Windows. There are already thousands of entries in our Windows registry and every day new entries are created and when these entries become more than necessary then it affects our PC.

The biggest problem in Windows is that whenever we uninstall any software, the entire registry related to that software can never be removed. For this reason, the Windows registry needs to be cleaned. You cannot do this work manually, if you clean any wrong registry, then it can have an effect on the settings of Windows, so you can take the help of Cleaner for this.



How to view windows registry?

To see Windows Registry, first, go running and press Windows + R. Now the Run dialogue box will open, type Regedit in it and enter it. Now you will see the entire registry of Windows. In this, all the data is in tree format.



The conclusion

By reading this article, you must have known about what is Windows Registry, how it works, why it is needed and why it needs to be cleaned, etc. However, in this post, we have tried to tell you everything about the Windows registry. If there is still any information left then you can tell us in the comment box. If you liked my article What is Windows Registry or you have got something to learn from it then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter etc. to show your happiness and eagerness.


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