What is unemployment ?


Unemployment is an economic term. Unemployment means the absence of employment. When the people are out of work it is called to be unemployment. When skilled, unskilled, and educated people are jobless in a large number this situation is called unemployment. Unemployment is a worldwide problem. Even rich and advanced countries like the USA , France, and Germany are suffering from this Desire. In Asian countries, unemployment is the highest peak. 

Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment is a social avail and it has reaching effects. It causes starvation, disease, and death. An unemployed society has dishonesty, corruption, crime, and the sin of all kinds on a large scale. It creates unrest and anxiety among the common people. As a result, people can't know about there right and responsibilities. The frustrated youth of the country is falling prey to drug addiction, violence, and theft. Smugglers, drug-traffickers, and terrorists are engaging them in heinous activities. 

Causes of Unemployment

Unemployment has many cases. Firstly, it is the result of a bad social economic and political system. It is the cause of the failure of the agricultural and industrial systems. Our system of education does not suitable for our needs. Much attention is paid to liberal and technical education. We cannot absorb all our youth in the factories. Moreover, they are not skilled. There is a very cruel and unjust distribution of wealth. Small groups of families eating all the resources. The majority of have noted are poor. Lastly, overpopulation is the biggest cause of unemployment. We should control it. The jobs are few the people are more the result is unemployment. 

Solution of Unemployment 

Unemployment can be uprooted. Unemployment is the gift of bad Govt.  Got gives life and resources to men. Bad system robs them away. We must correct our social, economic, and political system on the teaching of Islamic culture. Heavy and mechanical industries should be set up. We must correct our political system. The birth rate should be reduced. We must control our population in our countries. We should maintain our resources for the population. We should change our educational system. We should pay more attention to the technical and financial education.  Moreover, we should develop the spirit of patriotism as well as the sense of duty and responsibilities. Our youth should be educated the good Farmer, good businessmen, and good workers. The self-employment scheme should be revived. 

The needs of the time 

Every young man with a post-graduate degree will get rs. 200$ per month during training some technical or financial institutions. The national manpower council run a national employment bureau which helps the people to get a Jo inside the country as well as outside the country. Recently a youth employment scheme should be revived in the country. They give technical guides to young people. Small loan facilities Should be provided to young people who want to start some business. Production should be stepped into agricultural and industrial. If we act upon wise we should get rid of this problem.

Result :

To root out this problem we must join our hands and launch a joint effort to fight this monster. This is possible but uphill tasks. It needs a long struggle and wise planning. But it must be supplemented with an old set of. Religious values should be faith in. God to overcome all these problems. 

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