The whole world is suffering from the coronavirus, such a virus when infected, the person himself is not aware in the initial days of the disease and unknowingly he spread this virus to many other people. As the antidote of this virus is yet to be found, because of which thousands of people have lost their lives and lakhs of people are infected. Researchers are in the process of preparing antidote till then the only means through which the spread of the virus can be stopped is " Cleanliness and Social distancing."


Covid warriors are playing the most important role in stopping the spread of the virus in treating the infected persons. They are working day and night and giving their best to fight against Covid19. Because of this pandemic situation, many people are coming to their hometown from abroad and to ensure that these people are not infected strict screening and testing is done at airports and railway stations by the concerned authority. These people come in direct contact with travelers, risking their own life. And the police forces are also working 24 hrs to follow up on whether people are maintaining social distancing and not leaving their houses unless there is an emergency. Police forces are also reaching the needy people in every possible way to help them no matter what the situation is.

To stop the spread of virus lockdown was imposed, as spreading of virus can be stopped to a certain extent by social distancing, but during this lockdown also many people working in pharmacy and people who are in the making of sanitizer are working hard so that people can easily avail sanitizers. Many people staying at home also contribute to making masks which is a great thing.

Because of lockdown our economy has fallen but to operate, funds are needed, during this crisis many people have contributed and even government employees ' one day salary is also deducted. In a way, everyone is doing their part. All are standing together to fight against this covid19. Especially Doctors, health workers, sanitization workers, and police forces are doing their duty day and night, risking their own life and leaving away from their family just to protect the lives of other people, are the real covid warriors. And also the citizens who are following the government guidelines and staying at home can also be considered as warriors.

Indeed they are called as warriors because while serving their duty they are also infected still they do not refrain from continuing their duty, risking their own life for the protection and safety of other people. Those people who sacrifice and risk their own life for the protection and safety of other people are really a hero, a fighter, a warrior.

For this selfless act, our armed forces facilitated health care workers flypasts by fighter jets, aerial flower shower, and also a performance by the military band outside the hospital. We can proudly say that these corona warriors who are selflessly working hard and fighting against this terrible situation are pride and prestige of the world.


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