What is the reason for the sudden spike in Covid Cases in India?

What is the reason for the sudden spike in Covid Cases in India?

Covid-19 cases had gradually decreased in India till January 2021. From mid-february, a spike in covid cases occurred majorly in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. India is the third worst hit country after the United Kingdom and Brazil. State governments are mulling strict restrictions to curb the cases. Is this the beginning of a second wave? However, the main concern is why there is a sudden rise in cases from the past one month.



1. Covid-19

The first case of Covid detected in China on December 31 2019. Since then it had gradually transmitted across other countries. Covid-19 spreads by coming in contact with another infected person. Hence, many countries underwent lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. Due to social distancing and lockdown, the cases gradually decreased.



2. Reason for surge in cases

As the cases decreased, the lockdown restrictions were lifted, and so did the solemnity of the virus among people. Generally people flouted the rules, didn't wear a mask properly and avoided social distancing which resulted in overcrowding in many places. Clubs and pubs avoided the social distancing norms. People carelessly partied and allowed n number of guests in marriages without following the SOP's.

The second reason experts estimate is the population. India is a populated country and corona virus spreads faster in densely populated places. Another apprehension is that the virus has mutated itself. According to the study, when a virus mutates it becomes more infectious. First variant was found in the UK and later found in many other countries. Covid-19 virus is not the only virus in which mutation occured. Many viruses mutate from time to time.

Another major concerning issue is that people arrange fake covid vaccine certificates (Vaccine certificates required for travelling abroad.). It's alarming as it can be dangerous for that particular individual and people around them. The next reason would be people avoiding social distancing, masks not worn in public places. However, nothing can be deduced right now that led to the rise in covid cases. These are mere contemplations.



3. Solution and Precaution

Several states followed stringent guidelines after the upsurge. Most of the states imposed a night curfew. Maharashtra has recently announced a weekend lockdown. Tamil Nadu made e-pass mandatory for domestic and foreign travellers. Another step is following the basics. Wear a mask covering your mouth and nose, maintain social distancing, and wash hands regularly. People should step out of their house only if necessary.

Genome sequencing is required to find out which variant is most deadly among mutated ones. Genome sequencing and regular testing are helpful to stay a few steps ahead of the virus. The vaccination drive must be conducted more swiftly before the virus utilizes the time and mutates to become more infectious.



4. Will there be a second wave?

The sudden increase in the cases can be called a second wave but there are multiple factors to be considered before concluding. The experts are concerned about the rising covid cases.



5. Conclusion

The spike in Covid cases are visible only in a few states but that doesn't mean cases won't occur in other states. The virus must be waiting for a less immune host, maybe a elderly person to infect others. The second wave and the rising cases can be avoided only if people wear masks, wash their hands and avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing.

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