What is the outline of Life?

What is the outline of life?

Life is such a framework, which is as important for us to understand as it is to live every human being who has come to this world through the journey of this life; we have to understand how the character of life, from time to time, We keep changing and which character we play so well.

How important is life?

The character of life that is so important for us to play, when to do what, what to do, it tells the time of life that passes through the life of every human, the rail of life never stops and never stops. Passing through life is the most important for us to live.

Different characters to live life:

It is said that the life of any person is found only when he has crossed 84 lac sexes. Many times human life can be found on the basis of previous actions. The age of human life has been determined to be about 100 years, whereas no one in the world knows how much he will spend his life in this world. One who has got life he has to study it in some way or the other, whether he can spend it happily and inexorably, or sad and without success. This is the journey in which you can get everything and if you don't want anything. There are many stages in the journey of life, which we have to study in different roles.

  1. Talk about childhood after birth at the beginning of any life; then, this period is special in the life of every person who has got life. So that he can spend his childhood with a lot of fun. In childhood, children do not remember that much because they depend on their present and do not worry much about the future. Therefore, they have more enthusiasm and curiosity to know about different kinds of things. They try their best to live life and play the character of childhood, laughing happily in the journey of life.
  2. After childhood, youth is a journey in which a lot of effort is made to improve and spoil life, and a plan is made for the future of life. What to do next, what not to do. We have to understand how to live life and how not to live. In this journey, he tries his best to identify life, is involved in the race to gain name, wealth, fame, in which the human beings of the world are also struggling for their lives and have to play an important role in the journey of life. |
  3.  After this, in a struggling life, there is a responsibility to build a home and a family, how he can bring happiness and happiness to his family members along with him and encourage them through his knowledge that they also get their own Become a person in life who can lead a better life than that. So that he too can go ahead and give all the comforts and happiness to the family in his life. It involves the journey of life in which the struggle and the test have to be overcome. Understanding what was found in life and what is not in this journey, one has to play this character.  
  4. After that, the character of life begins. In which he did so much in life so that he could get the results. In this period, a man spends that part of his life, due to which he has to bear the fruits of his good and evil deeds that he had sown in life. Whose person could sit in the shadow, he had chosen that path thoughtfully only after death does his life end.

Sometimes there are some humans who go through the difficulties of life and make a place for themselves. And there are many human beings who, after seeing the struggles of life, give up and move towards waste. It is very precious for us to get a human life and to live and understand it is even more important than a person who understands his life easily and achieves his goal; he is considered to be the grace of the life given by God. And the person who spoils his life and does not achieve any goal. It is in the hands of the person who has got life. It should always be kept in mind that there is some basis for the life of every human being so that he can enjoy the life given to God in full.

Examples of life:

In the world, the importance that humans get when they get a life, they have been playing it well. In every era, we must have seen that humans have achieved success in spite of struggling in their life. They understood the importance of their lives and Played the characters brilliantly.


We get to learn from life that we should consider our life as precious and work and live. This is a boon which is found after 84 lac sexes or after such deeds, whose meeting is considered to be the biggest achievement.

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