What is these four coloured dots on the newspapers mean?

The Coloured Dots: We all know that earlier newspapers were printed in black and white colors. As time passed and technology improved, we started to write the papers in beautiful colors which catch our eyes, and we all loved it.

We are all aware of those four dots at the bottom of the newspaper or the edge. It has been seen that these four dots are present in different types, sometimes their shape is different, and sometimes they are round-hearted or shaped like a star.

In newspapers, we see these dots at the center of the page or the edges; it all depends on the paper.

The Combination: We all in our childhood have studied that there are three primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue, and by mixing them in proportions, we get all the other colors, and we all have done this while drawing in our drawing classes. We all loved this trick of combining colors in our childhood; it was fascinating to see new colors emerging out of the old ones. Red, Yellow, and Blue (RGB) are known as Basic Colours

The Dots on the newspapers are also made from this technique, but not out of these Basic Colours (RGB).Instead, they are made up of some other sequence. Let's See what this new sequence is.

The CMYK sequence:

The Colours which are present in CMYK mark.

C = Cyan (means blue in printing)

M = Magenta (pink)

Y = Yellow (yellow)

K = Black (black)

This is the sequence(combination), which is used in the newspapers today. Any color can be produced from this sequence.

Importance of CMYK sequence: While printing an image, the plates of all these colors are laid out on a page separately and lined up in the same spot while printing. This is necessary to write a full-color image accurately. If the newspaper's photos are blurry, then it means that these four-color plates are overlapping or are not in the same line. That's why CMYK is also called a registration mark. It isn't easy to find out as many newspapers are printed every day.

Since we cannot check a newspaper physically, this mark serves as a "printer mark," which helps in detecting the blurry pages, if something goes wrong, he or she can identify the problem by seeing the printer mark.

Fact: CMYK mark is also used in books, but since the pages of books are small so, they are removed while cutting the pages.

To meet the public demands printing newspapers in today's generation is a speedy process, and Hence, it is impossible to check each paper individually. So, this "printer mark" in printers comes into play to avoid any mistakes. It is said that this printing mark tells us that printing has been done correctly.

Fact: Today, Machines can print about 90,000 newspapers per hour.

The Printing Process:

Characteristics of the CMYK printing process:

1. There are four standardized base colors used all the time (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

2. To create a printed image, small points of these colors are printed at different angles.

3. The four colors represent the four cartridges and quality. They are mixed in various ratios to render different colors.

4. Commercial printing is most often used, as it is a cost-effective color system. It is a toner-based system used for larger quantities.

Through this article, we have understood what the meaning of those four colored dots printed at the bottom of the newspaper is. I hope you learned something new.

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