What Is The Meaning Of Life

Friends, do you know the meaning of your life? / What Is The Meaning Of Life How would you know the real purpose of your life? I am not talking about your job, or your daily responsibilities or your Long Term Goals. I mean the real reason for which you are here - the reason for which you Exist. Or perhaps you are an atheist who thinks that his life has no purpose, and life has no meaning. And it does not matter. To be sure that there is no Purpose of Life does not stop you from discovering it, just as not being sure in gravity cannot stop you from wandering. Not being sure, it will take you a little more time to understand this, and Chance is that if you believe that there is no Purpose of your life, then you will not Believe in what I am saying, but still, What goes into giving a little time, do you know anything?


Peace is a powerful tool for dissolving battle, misery, and greed. It would be wrong to say that there will be peace with material comforts and other resources. Resources can be brought from wealth and wealth but not peace. We keep on thinking that if Ii do this, there will be peace. All the time goes by fulfilling the requirements and there is neither peace nor happiness.


By telling a short story about Bruce Lee, I set the stage for this little exercise.

A Martial Artist asked Bruce Lee to teach me everything you know about Martial Arts. Bruce Lee took two cups filled with water and said, "The first cup is whatever you know about Martial Arts. The second cup shows my knowledge of Martial Arts. If you want to fill your cup with my knowledge, first you have to clear the knowledge of you.credit: third party image reference

If you want to know the real purpose of your life, then all the wasted motives taught to you first (Including that there is no purpose in your life) have to come out of your mind.


So how will you know the purpose of your life (the meaning of life)? Although there are many ways to find it, here I will tell you a very simple method which anyone can adopt. The more you accept this method, the more you expect it to work, the faster it will work for you. But even if you don't expect more from it, or do something Doubt on it, think that it is stupid, it is a waste of time, it will work for you, just need that you stick with it. - Yes, It will take some time.


You have to do it.

1.Take a Blank Page or open a Word File.

2.Write on the top, "What is the real purpose of my life?

3.Write an answer (anything) that is coming to your mind. There is no need to write full sentences. A small Phrase is enough.

4.Repeat step 3 until you write an answer that makes you cry.

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