What is the Importance of games and sports

Why is this article necessary?

With the advancement in science and technology, Every person is in a hurry to achieve its aim and its goals in this highly competitive environment. With this change people are neglecting the importance of games and sports and are indulging in mobile phones, video games, etc., that’s why games and marks are necessary.

2.Types of games:-

Mainly are games, and sports are included in two types these are-

{A} Indoor games-

Those games which we can play in a room or house are known as indoor games. E.g., chess, carrom, etc.

{B} Outdoor games:-

Those games which are played on the ground or in an open area are known as outdoor games. E.g., cricket, football, etc.

3.Importance of games and sports:-

Games and sports are a vital part of human life. It's important are-

{A} In student life-

The student is getting stressed with the burden of their studies. To keep their mind fresh and healthy, games and sports are essential.

{B} In sportsperson's life:-

That person who is interested in sports is making their career in it. It is a good career option.

{C} Develop leadership quality:-

Games and sports develop the quality of leadership. Students are the rulers of the future, so they need to have the status of management. Hence sports should not be neglected. Every student should take part in games and sports.

{D} Other:-

Games and Sports keep every people healthy. It is the requirement of human life. It keeps them active and increases gamesmanship.

4.History of games:-

Games and sports have nowadays reached another level and developed. But the account was not such. For instance in India cricket was not known instead people play with a stick commonly known as ‘Gilli-danda’ but it began to develop, and now cricket is the most played game in India

5. Change in people’s thinking –

In ancient times, people thought that-“Indulging in games and sports means destroying their lives and career.” But nowadays, games itself become a career option; this change in people’s thinking is very beneficial.

6.Government policies for encouraging people toward games-

The government nowadays becomes aware of the importance of games and sports. It formulates new policies to encourage people toward games; such procedures are ‘5 minutes our’ ‘Khelo India Youth Game (KIYG)’ etc. The government also provides scholarships and other facilities to sportsperson to encourage them. They also reward the sportsman and honors them.

Necessary changes in play

The game currently requires necessary changes. We understand that the game is so important to us, but what can be done to develop it

1. Games and sports should be made necessary in school.

2. Children should be told about careers and opportunities in games and sports.

3. Children should be informed about the advantages of games and sports.

4. Private organizations should also come forward to encourage victims and sports.

5. Sports clubs should be formed in every district, and the talent of children should be highlighted in free.

Games and sports are vital parts of human life. To remain healthy and active Games and are necessary. Everyone needs to come forward to encourage others to play games and to make them aware of the importance of play and sports.


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