What is success?

What is success? 

When someone asks you about success (what is a success) what will you say? 

"Fact that you have achieved what you want, doing well-becoming famous, rich, etc." Yes it is correct but actually success has a different definition for different types of individuals, but what exactly success is? Or who is successful? If we consider "Factory have received what you want." this definition is hundred percent accurate so, can we all are successful because we all are successful in some of the fields for every single day many people die in a car accident because of lack of skills but if you drive it well you are successful? 

Yes, every single person is successful in many fields. If you walk safely on road you are successful if you can maintain your body you are successful even if you are speaking normally you are successful coz not everyone can speak, not everyone can walk, not everyone can drive a car or bike, but everyone has their different perspective, some people think I will do that then I become successful I will go there then I become successful. Beyond it, the reality is that you can't be happy until you think I will be happy because success is not a medicine that you will get and become the happiest person on the earth No, it's not you have to live in your present rather than future as well as past. 

Some people spend a lot of time on social media or on Google to just find how to be successful. So, to be successful the first step is to be happy and do hard work on what you want to achieve and don't think I will go there or I will do that then I will be happy to just live in your present and enjoy your every single moment.

So, it's my opinion that everyone is successful in different fields, for example, some are good speaker, some are teacher, some are a good singer or dancer but we just think that we are not successful until we become an engineer, doctor, singer or dancer but just ask yourself if you achieve your goals then you will happy or not if you not happy after achieving your goal then you are not successful. 

So, I wanna say just success is all about happiness as much you are happy as much you are successful. Even If you are happy with your 9 to 5 job you are successful but if you are not happy with your business on a global level then you are not successful. 

Happiness is the only thing that decides how much you are successful in your life, You can easily find people which are happy by doing there 9 to 5 jobs while some are not happy by becoming an actor or actress too. 

So success totally depends on how much you are happy in your life. 

Some people think if I will achieve my goal I will be happy if I go there I will be happy actually there is nothing like that if you're are in your current moment it's everything. 

In the end, I just want to say don't choose a moment to be happy always be happy in your life you will feel like most successful people on the earth. 

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