what is Social Media and its Impact on Youth

what is Social Media and its Impact on Youth

 Nowadays, social media has become a vital part of one's life, from shopping to electronic mails, business tools, and education. People love social media because it exists in the interaction of technology and humanity. Social media means any human communication or sharing information on the internet that occurs through the medium of mobile, computer, and tablet.


   Social media is becoming one of the largest mediums of communication or interaction and is gaining fame or popularity speedily. Social media plays a vital role in changing people's lifestyles. It changed the person's way of living and enhanced it. Social media includes social networking sites and blogs where people can easily connect.


Kevin Werbach says:


  "Social media has become fundamental to the way that billions of people get information about the world and connect, which raises the stakes enormously."            
Nowadays, social media has become a new set of cool tools e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Impact of Social Media on Youngsters:

 "Social media has certainly made fame and attention more democratic, though not always in a good way." - Jonah Berger.
     These days, it's a trend to be on social networking sites to stay connected with people all around the world. If you don't have a digital presence, then for some people, you do not exist. Youngsters are in contact with their friends and groups by using different media and devices regularly.

  In previous years it was once considered that kids are in contact with sole buddies and their businesses in faculties and colleges. But in modern times, children are in contact now not solely with regarded buddies; however, additionally with unknown human beings thru social networking sites.
We now have more significant digital pals than actual ones, and we are dropping human to human connection day through day. There are so many dangers, such as leaking personal data to strangers.

    Social media is more like a drug. Its impacts depend upon its usage.
    Social media helps in the social growth of society and also allows many businesses to work more efficiently. It provides many other tools like social media marketing, which allows its users to reach millions of potential clients. Youngsters can easily access information and get news through social media in just a single click.

A day's social media is also beneficial in so many ways e.g., it provides a platform for students and jobless people to earn online from different sites by working from home.
Positive Effects:             

Social media helps meet people they don't know, and they may not have met outside social media forums.

⦁ It also provides open opportunities for all freelance writers and bloggers to connect with their clients.
⦁ Useful data or information can be exchanged over social networking sites.
⦁ Youngsters can look to social media for getting answers related to their career objectives and find opportunities.
⦁ Social media provides awareness among society like campaigns, advertisement articles, and promotions, which helps the club be updated with current information and situations.
      Social media sites help people connect.
 Negative Effects:
Today it's challenging to differentiate between familiar or unknown persons, especially in social media.
⦁ Social media makes people addicted because people are using social media apps immoderately.
⦁ It is also abusing society by invading people's privacy.
⦁ In most cases, youngsters waste lots of time on social sites like chatting with others or watching useless material, affecting their health.
⦁ Kidnapping, robbery, murder can be quickly done by sharing details on social media sites, which is also a demerit of social media.
  Social media is affecting young people's health and wellbeing.



    As technology is growing, social media has become the routine for everybody; people are addicted to these technologies day by day. Its consequence is additional on people; it may have both positive and negative effects. Social media has several merits, but it also has some demerits which affect people negatively. Social media has increased the quality and rate of collaboration for youngsters and provided them with learning and work opportunities.

Social media usage is useful but should be used in a restricted way without getting addicted to it.  

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