What is Sales And How To Do Sales?

What Is Sales?

- 'Sales' is the toughest job or work on this planet that what we have heard right.

That is Why Most people don't want to go in sales because we think that selling something to somebody is the hardest job ever.

-But Believe Me, Sales is the noblest profession in this world.

-Sales means that Values that the customer gets should be more than the price they paid that what is Sales.

Most of the people who sell something to somebody the salesperson be like 'getting all of the money from one customer that is the wrong approach towards the customer that's why most of the business Fail?


How To Make Sales?

-Selling is Serving. You are adding values to people's life.

-Selling with authenticity, integrity, honesty, and modesty.

-Identify the problem and solve that problem.

-Lies will not survive in the market for long. You have to think before you sell.

-Working to give value to people and serve people.

-Change your Perception towards Selling.

-Develop a giver's nature.

-Always think about things from a long-term perspective.

-People can do marketing but not sales right.

-Selling is tough for most people, and that is why most people will leave this field, which is the best opportunity, and you have to be trained yourself and grab this opportunity.

-People are not trained to sell.

-Understand why you are not able to sell.

-There is not repeated Buying.

-Provided you have given them a lot of value, Content, and Information.


Whom To Sell?

-You have to value your customer journey.

-Selling is because of credibility, Value Addition providing regular Information and Guidance.

You have to Gain your Customer' trust, and they believe you are a good person to buy products from you.

-Customer Should have complete interest in your product.

-They have an amount to pay you to have to surely know this that the customer you have selling is have the ability to pay or not.

-Who is getting the solution to their problems by your product.

-They are willing to pay to solve their problems.

-Avoid trying to sell to freeloaders.


Whom Not To Sell

-People are asking for an unnecessary guarantee.

Tell them Politely that you are not interested in selling them.

-Avoid that type of people asking for Unnecessary Discounts, and you know this after giving the discount, the person is not interested in the product.

-And this is the most important part 'Avoid Selling to your friends and relatives.

-Asking For discounts for the sake of long-term association.

- Avoid selling them who is More focus on money and not the value you have provided through your product and service.

-Maximum Buyers Are strangers who target them, not your loved ones, and who are known you better.

-Handle Genuine Queries but avoid Unnecessary Queries.

- And you'll find people who will be genuinely interested in your products.


3 Types Of Customer

1- Hot Customer-Buying Product

2-Warm Customer- Little Bit Idea

3- Cold Customer-Not Idea 


What To Sell?

-Understand your Product and getting more and more knowledge about your product.

-Can You Replace your product with the existing one.

-Understand the problem of your audience.


So that is the tips and tricks of Sales and How you get more and more clients for your products.


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