What is PUBG Mobile India launch latest update: This report raised hopes of PUBG Mobile's comeback in India

PUBG Corporation is once again working on investment and strategy in India. The company has posted an associate-level job on a LinkedIn account. The company has written in its job post that it is looking for candidates to help the senior team in merger and acquisition (M&A), investment and more. This job posting does not get any clear information about the India launch of the PUBG Mobile Game, but it is clear that the company is working on setting up its office in India. Also Read - PUBG New State waved before launch, more than 1 crore pre-registrations received.

PUBG Corporation posted this job on its LinkedIn account on March 18 at around 12 pm. The company needs an Investment & Strategy Analyst (Investment & Strategy Analyst) at its Bangalore office in India. For this full-time post, the candidate should have three years of experience in the interactive entertainment, gaming and IT sector. This is not the first time that PUBG Corporation has posted a job in India. Earlier in October 2020, the company appointed Corporate Development Division Manager in India. Also Read - Karakin Map rolled out for PUBG Mobile, these new features will be available.



What will be the return of PUBG Mobile

As we said earlier, this job post does not provide any information about the return of the PUBG Mobile game to India. After PUBG Corporation posted a job in India, expectations have again increased among the users waiting for this game. Also Read - PUBG Mobile banned Permanent to over 16 lakh players, know the reason.



Focus is on PUBG Mobile's comeback

Earlier this month, reports of PUBG Mobile coming back to India were said that Krafton, the developer of the PUBG game, did not start pre-registration of PUBG: New State in India because its focus was first PUBG Mobile in India. The game has to be relaunched. Krafton is currently awaiting the Indian government's decision on PUBG Mobile in India. PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year.



PUBG Mobile What will be special in the new season

According to the screenshot shared by PlayerIGN, Steve has claimed that the Karakin map will not be completely out and the developers will continue to rotate the map from the beginning of the season. This means that the map will rotate every season. He told that Miramar rework will come soon, but it is not known how long it will come. Also Read - Karakin Map rolled out for PUBG Mobile, these new features will be available

Steve explained that many changes will be seen in the new season. The new emergency parachute feature will also be seen in the game. The PUBG Community Coordinator has claimed that they have forwarded feedback on matchmaking. He explained that players have to understand that it is not just the EU / NA game, but it is a global game that is played around the world. Also Read - PUBG Mobile banned Permanent to over 16 lakh players, know the reason.

Even a slight change can affect a large number of players in different regions. It makes no sense to disappoint 2 million players for just 2000 players. Earlier there were reports that the Karakin map may replace the Vikendi map. It will be based on the deserts of North Africa, which will be filled with sand and stone. This map will be available in classic mode and will be spread over two kilometres. According to the official announcement, game developers will start rolling out the map from 7 April.


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