What is plastic surgery Its type and side effects

Even now men are not left behind in dressing. They are also resorting to cosmetic surgery to make their face and body attractive. The doctor says that for the past 5 years Mail cosmetic / plastic surgery cases have been increasing. One-third of those who undergo cosmetic surgery are male. Most of them are between 18 and 25 years of age. It is clear that the craze of cosmetic surgery is increasing among the youth. What is the reason for the increasing craze in young people towards cosmetic surgery? Are you thinking about getting cosmetic surgery too? If yes, it is important to know about the type and damage of any kind of plastic surgery. Before this, we know what kind of surgery has increased nowadays and what is the reason for it.

*Types of Surgery

-Hair transplant According to experts, the practice of hair transplants for treating baldness in men has increased rapidly. In this surgery, hair and skin are transplanted to 3 or 4 millimeters. Or double the skin with silicone balloon under the hair.

-Augmentation In this type of surgery, the size of the chin is changed to larger, smaller, or silicone implants. On performing this surgery, many times, the shape of the face changes and the man starts looking prettier.

-Gynecomastia When men's chests begin to grow like women, they begin to suffer from an inferiority complex. This problem is treated by gynecomastia surgery. Men who do not get treatment, suffer from inferiority complex throughout their lives.

-Reasons for having

plastic surgery If the young are fit and fine, then they are undergoing liposuction treatment to get six pack abs. Good for hours of sweating, he prefers to get 6 pack abs through surgery. Desire to look like a celebrity.

* Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

If you are thinking of getting any type of surgery, then it is important to first get information about its loss. Let's know about the disadvantages of plastic surgery.

- Permanent change

The biggest disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is that after it is done, any change in the face or any part of the body becomes permanent. If your face starts looking ugly already, then you cannot get the old one back. Therefore it is important to prepare yourself mentally before surgery. You also have to be ready to accept negative change.

-Waste of money

Although there are many options available in the cosmetic surgery market, most of the options are quite expensive. Getting such surgery done is a waste of both time and money. It is not necessary that even after that you can get the look according to your mind. Suppose you have done this surgery as a hobby to look handsome. But if you do not get the result as you thought, then you will have no choice but to be upset.

- Skin problems

Even after the surgery, you start seeing handsome. But you should be mentally prepared for hormonal changes and side effects in the body. Before adopting any option, understand that there may be problems like infection, scarring and sensitivity.

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