What is philosophy?

What is philosophy? and their wise ideas:

"philosophy is life's dry-nurse, who can take care of us but not suckle us."

.           Robert Lynd is a famous essay writer of the 20th century. He thinks that we should face the problems of the world from a practical point of view. He says that the suggestion of philosopher and great thinkers are not useful for us in our life. The writer says that he was once sitting in a hotel when the person advises his companion to read the famous philosopher Epictetus. Robert Lynd says that he has studied famous thinkers like Emerson, Socrates and Harass but he never happened to read the work of Epictetus. So the writer studied the philosophy of Epictetus. 

" When I study philosophical works I feel I am swallowing something which I don't have in my mouth."

                He found the following ideas expressed in the book of Epictetus. The philosopher says that we should not worry about pain, death, and poverty. We should not care for the cruel rulers and waiter's in a hotel if they do not serve us the property . They are our natural brothers. He says that this is the only way to get spiritual peace. The philosopher further says that we should not attach any importance to property. He studied these ideas, he was much impressed by them. He says that theoretically, these ideas are very noble but practically they are useless. 

                   After this, the writer gives own criticism about the views of the great philosopher. He says that it is impossible to control anger, when a servant, a slave, or a Waiter does not serve us properly. We cannot lead a comfortable life if we do not possess any property. It is difficult to remain peaceful when a thief steals away our things. We also cannot bear cruel rulers and earthquakes.

              The writer says that we live in this world where hundreds of things happened daily which against our wishes and irritate. We can never be patient with all these things. The philosophers of the world are armchair philosophers and if we act upon their wise ideas, the people consider us fool and mad persons. Philosophers like Epictetus, Socrates, and Emerson are only admirable in the world of ideas but practical life is absolutely different from what they teach us. 

  " philosophers, for the most part, are constitutionally timed, and dislike the unexpected."

                        Philosopher has his own ideas of perfection. Every philosopher offers his own theories of life. He tries to understand the problem of existence. He tries to answer questions about the progress of living. These ideas are questions to act upon but in any case, these ideas make us wise. So, we should increase our wisdom through these ideas. At the same time, it is not nesseccery to always act upon them. But the importance of knowledge cannot be ignored. 

          Philosophy will clip an angle's wings, conquer all mysteries by rule and line,  Empty the haunted air, gnomes mind 

Unweave a rainbow. 

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