What is nepotism?

What do you think about nepotism in Bollywood?

Nepotism exists in Bollywood. Some openly accept it, some blatantly deny it. Having said that, i don’t think success in Bollywood solely depends on it.

Nepotism does help in being the launchpad for star kids, but then what? One needs talent to sustain and to succeed. Look at the fate of Sanjay Kapoor, Imran Khan, Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan, Abhishek Bachchan or the newer lot of Adhyayan Suman, Alia bhatt, varun dhavan, Athiya Shetty, Suraj Pancholi.. easy entry to the film industry because of big connections, but then what? Are they able to be successful in Bollywood? No. Are they considered to be quality actors? No. Do people even know the name of some of them? A big no!

On the other hand, actors like Shahid Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Tiger shroff.. they too belong to big Bollywood families. But they are talented and hard-working and have therefore made their own mark in Bollywood.




dynasty/family politics.



Money Power-

 It has made no entry in Indian politics.




 No need to say.



Fake promises- 

No trust left on any politicians.

In democracy, politicians are servants/representatives , not kings.

Religion, caste, regional identity and politics around it. Which can break India. It's biggest issue and fear, India has, each political party needs to rethink their agenda. When we accepted our constitution, our nation builders were of the opinion that religion and nation can not go in-hand and hand, we should separate these two entities, if we have to stand as a one Nation. But again people forgot the history of separation, repeating the same mistakes.

Politics is not aligned with a country's problems. Job creation, poverty, illiteracy are main issues, but politicians are busy in nonsense issues like beef, Hindu-Muslim, caste, sentiment which will take our country in worst situation.

Most Country’s population is poor but their representatives are rich, if most are farmer then representatives should also be farmers. we need representatives from that section not different. Otherwise, representatives will not understand problem of people.

Nepotism with other crimes

I work in a place where I feel like nepotism is relevant. What are the definite signs that nepotism is happening at my job?

I work in a place where I feel like nepotism is prevalent. What are the definite signs that nepotism is happening at my job?

By definition, NEPOTISM means employees are directly related to someone else in the company biologically or by marriage.

Many companies have policies against relatives Supervising or Managing or somehow directly reporting to each other.

(Also applies to intra-organizational dating.)




Born in Johar family this guy is a nepotism star as he is the one we have actors like Alia, Varun and other bollywood babies.

He has openly said I fuckin dont care Its my right to give support to my bhaiya ka ladka, my mausi phoophi chaachi however it is.

And yes he is right he has his own right but when talented people are suffering because of nepotism he must be considerate and if hmae is not providing any newcomer with work he should not constantly work to destroy others.

He made Drive with Shushant and then gave it a netflix release which is a chutiyagiri bhai terko banana hi nahi tha agar time waste Karna hai actor ka toh.


Sushant Singh Rajput a prey of Nepotism which led to suicide

He has quoted Varun Dhawan deserves more pay than Prabhas so on what grounds we don't understand.

He has a show where he acts full chutiya and creates havoc in other peoples life as in case of the Indian cricketers which is very bad.

So he is a 10/10 marks gainer on the topic of nepotism and he is the flag bearer of nepotism and because of him we will watch many star kids who don't know who is the CM of Maharashtra and PM of India.


Karan Johar's dear friend Karena has blamed the public that if they have so much problem with nepotism why they are watching our films haha haha and in sense she is very right we should be not supporting neo-stars so let's boycott the neo-family.



Why is there so much nepotism in Bollywood? Not only in Bollywood but also in Indian politics, industry, sport, etc etc.

Neopotism, superstition, & corruption are part of our culture. It's what makes us Indian.

Ivanka and Kushner have zero experience in the government and policy making. Such extreme nepotism would cause riots in China. How come this is allowed in the USA, where being professional is a proud trait? What are the rules?

NEPOTISM, CRONYISM and CRIMINALITY are favorite words and actions of countries under threat of Autocratic rule and dictatorships. Keep the power in the family and use the family power to control power and generate wealth.

Instead of following party politics, open your eyes and hear what is being said and applaud when a person speaks up on principle. How can you not believe all the prosecutors. previous cabinet members and senior white house personnel all lied after 1.5 yrs with this president. Why this president continues to lie and hide [tax returns] .Is this a 1st world president or a 3rd world DICTATOR. This is everybody's concern when you look at the amount of focus in this press. has with ‘strong men dictatorial.

I have lived there and seen it 1st hand . When you become an ostrich and stick your head in the sand democracy is the loser!!


Thus, Nepotism is everywhere and in everyone who has big fame/popularity. Especially in Bollywood and Politics. The most recent case is of Sushant Singh Rajput a talented outsider found to end with mysterious death reason is Nepotism. So, all in all we encourage these big stars to do all that shit by watching their films and supporting them. 


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