What is mental health and mental illness



In reality mental health is a positive and productive state of mind that allows us to bounce back and cope with small or big problems and life challenges. However mental illess is a real illness. Mnetak illness is a part of life , it is not a life itself. Talking about mental illness takes a lot of courage because it implies exposing your vulnerabilities, which can be very intimate act. Millions of young people are facing mental health and illness challenges today. Just like we have physical health, we have mental health as well.




Mental illness is caused due to myriad of interesting factory in our biology, environment and physical space and more. There is a lot of stigma attached to mental illness and it's caused are still unknown to many. But just like heart disease or diabetes, it is alos a medical  condition. The causes of mental illness are debt, heart break, addiciton and genetic disorders.




The inaccessibility of mental illness is an alarming concern. Not just it is highly stigmatised , it ismostly confined to only specific sections of society. Living a life with mentall illness can be incredibly exhuastinh. There are moments, days or even weeks that can feel abnormally hard for no apparent reason. When an individual have such moment, it can be hard for them to not compare themselves to th others they see on social media or anywhere, grinding and working but comparison helps nobody.




Our attitude towards our mental illness and mental health is increasingly shaped by the kind of environment we grow up in. People with mental illness soemtimes find it difficult to accept that they can't always have it all together. It's time to stop making it seem like a mental breakdown and it is more than okay to ask for help, irrespective of what society expects from you.




Most people keep checking their physical health but very few people understand that they neec to keep checking their mental health as well. It is important to start having a holistic approach to how we understand 'health' and what all we do to look after it. Mental health matters, not just when it turns into a diagnosed mental illness but also in its day to day wear and tear.




Just a reminder for people when mental illness seems way too overbearing, that they should always master up the strength to do something in their own way by being themselves. There is always a brigh day that waits for everybody. Sometimes the mud just gets too thick to wade that we need somebody to talk to. Be it any kind of relationship or interaction with people, it is really important to remember that nobody has the right to make you feel small or put you down. You dont have to struggle in silence. Everybody in this entire world deserves the best. Nobody is alone and yes mental health and illness matters. 


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