What is Field Employee Tracking Software? A Complete Guide

“My employee is on the field and I have no means except calls and messages to track its location and whereabouts.”

You are not alone, as this is the problem of various field managers out there. The best thing? You can overcome this issue with the bestfield employee tracking software. The software ensures real-time employee tracking and live workforce monitoring. That too with just a few clicks and taps. 

So, you don’t need to rely on any other means that are susceptible to fraud. Just running the best field employee tracking software helps you enjoy accurate employee tracking. 

What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

Field employee tracking software helps managers track their employees on the field during their working hours. With the software in place, field managers can simply assess their employees’ locations, clock in/out time, total working hours, distance traveled, etc. Therein, they can control and monitor their field force for streamlined productivity and efficiency. 

Additionally, the software helps evaluate that employees mark their attendance from their specific task locations. It also has data-driven reports, upon analyzing these reports, field managers identify the loose ends in the process and make data-driven decisions. 

What are the Features of Employee Field Tracking Software? 

Here are the incredible features of the field employee tracking software that ensure accurate employee tracking. 

  1. Real-time Field Employee Tracking

Real-time field employee tracking helps managers assess their employees’ live location and whereabouts. Managers receive all the relevant details they need about their employees, i.e., where they are currently located, what tasks they are doing, and how they utilize their working hours. This not only facilitates real-time employee tracking but also live workforce monitoring.

  1. Ad-hoc Task Allocation

This feature is essential to allocate, track, and improvise task schedules for field employees while escaping the hassle of spreadsheets and physical documentation. Using this feature within the field employee tracking software means streamlined ad-hoc task allocation. Also, field managers can plan and manage job schedules for their employees with just a few clicks. This ensures no delays in delivering services and complete automation in between the procedures.

  1. Attendance & Work Hours Tracking

Attendance & work hours tracking is essential to evaluate employees’ productive levels. However, for attendance tracking, your software must also incorporate with: 

  • Geo-coded attendance marking

  • Location-based visual verification

  • Biometric app login

All these facilitate remote attendance marking among employees from their specific task locations. Moreover, employees are not required to travel to their office just to mark their attendance. Managers, by overseeing the total working hours, can assess the most productive employees. Also, with accurate working hours tracking, managers can facilitate fair payroll distribution to all team members. 

  1. Flexible Leave Module

Till now, your organizations may rely on traditional methods for organizing and managing 100s of constant leave requests. A tiresome job, isn’t it? But, not anymore, with a field employee tracking software having a flexible leave module. 

The feature lets employees submit their leave requests and managers acknowledge those requests seamlessly. Meaning, that you don’t have to locate the scattered data from various systems, emails, and WhatsApp. All you have to do is to just access the consolidated field employee tracking software, and over there, you have all the relevant leave data. By using this leave data, you can also assess the absenteeism rate in your organization. 

  1. Expense Tracking Solutions

Field employees move from one site to another and during their journey, they make some expenses, which are later reimbursed by the company. However, there is no certain proof that the claimed expense reimbursement is accurate. That’s why field employee tracking software has this feature. 

Expense tracking solutions come with easy expense upload, where employees upload their bills. Moreover, it has hierarchy approval that lets in-line managers assess the vitality of expenses and thereupon provide their acknowledgment. After proper analysis of expense claims, managers reimburse employees immediately. 

  1.  Distance Traveled Reports

These reports are vital to assess the total miles employees cover during their working hours. Field managers by accessing these reports can evaluate employees’ productivity. Also, they can replay these reports anytime anywhere for better workforce monitoring. 

Other than these reports, your field employee tracking software must also provide: 

  • Employees’ idle time reports

  • Productivity reports

  • First-time-fix-rate reports

  • And so on. 

In a Nutshell!

So, this is what the field employee tracking software is and the features it incorporates. Using it always ensures accelerated team productivity and improved workflow. If you are looking for ways to monitor your field force with real-time tracking, then it’s high time you should invest in the software. 

“But the internet is already brimmed with lots of field employee tracking software solutions. So, how would I find the one for my organization?”

Don’t worry! We have already researched and come up with TrackoField. It is an all-encompassing field employee tracking software that automates end-to-end field operations. All thanks to its multiple modules such as: 

  • Attendance & leave management

  • Task management

  • Expense management

  • Payroll management

  • Order management

If you want to streamline every phase of your field service business, sign up to use TrackoField for free. 


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