What is Family Planning program?

Introduction :

                       Family planning means the restriction on the number  of children so that there may be an adjustment in the size of the family and the income of the family. There has been an enormous increase in the population during the present age. If there is no check on the increase in birth rate, the consequences will be very tragic. With the present growth rate of population, the world is expected to have a population of 9 billion by 2026 as against 7.9 billion today. This will offset all economic growth. As a result, people will be unable to feed themselves properly. Hence it has become necessary to check the increase of population. Every money spent on the family planning program. 

Overpopulation : 

                          It is always the people of the country who build a nation by their toil and sacrifice. They defend their freedom at the cost of their lives and earn honor for their country through their intellectual pursuits. But at Tim, the number of people become trouble, breading poverty and retarding progress. This happens when a country has an excess of the population that is when it has to feed and clothe too many persons with too little resources.

Difficulties to execute the idea :

                        The idea of family planning is simple, but its execution is very difficult. First, boys and girls in the world marry very early and star production children until the number exceeds half a dozen. Many people marry twice or thrice, making the number of children still greater. Consequently, they fail to provide their family with food, clothes, and other facilities like schooling and training. Secondly, the message in our country is illiterate. They are unwilling to discuss matters relating to sex relations. Moreover, they look upon the birth of a child as the inevitable ordain of God, and even a blessing from above. What is most needed is education among them so that they may realize the importance of family planning. 

How to control population : 

                           To execute family planning we can use many methods. First, we should attempt to increase the production of food and crop so that there may be not over-population. This would make the people prosperous, they would be able to afford large families. Secondly, we should adopt the system of late marriages. Boys and girls should marry when they are able to maintain their families at a good standard of living. Thirdly, people should use contraceptive medicine to control birth. In this respect, we can consult some family planning centers. Lastly, we should have full control over us. Self-control is the best way. 

The world attempts :

                       The government of the world is making sincere efforts to popularize Family planning. A family planning program has been having set up on a large scale. Centers have been set up to provide free advice to the people. Necessary medicines are being distributed free among the villagers. Illustrated literature has been published to give the program-wide publicity. Cash prizes, concessions, and merit certificates are issued to those who are co-operative the family planning Agencies. The government is also considering allowing increments and bonuses to those couples who have less than three children. If this program worked properly, the world would be prosperous in the near future. 

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