What is a bio-viable vascular technique and how does it work

When the obstruction is in the heart, the blockage is opened through angioplasty. After this, the drug-fed or scaffold is entered into the firing artery. It leaves the disease to prevent the diseased artery again or with the narrow or blocking and keeps that artery open. Every year in India, more than 75 thousand people have to enter Angioplasty Karani and Saint.

But with the traditional stent, it is difficult to make that it is made of metal, which remains life in the patient's body. The race made from metal repeats the ability to increase - the ability to grow. For this problem, 'Bio Abbarerall Walkular Scofold (BVS) has developed the same as the stent, but it is dissolved after the open narrowed ducts and dances; it denies the work in a general way before.

How this stent works: -

The way a broken hand is supported by plaster and it is removed when the hook is healed, in the same way, a BVS called 'Observe' helps the artery and keeps it open. Till then, he needs to do so. The Interventional Cardiologist of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur Sanjib Rai, states that firstly, 'Observe' is inserted into the artery to open it and support it. He drops the medicine to treat the affected area and stop the tissue's growth that narrows the artery. Once the highway is no longer supported, the scaffold dissolves automatically. Gradually eventually, it disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water. This helps the road to return to its natural state. In this way, we see that where the stent remains in the street, 'Observe' dissolves in the body by doing its work.

Better effect on patients: -

'Bioabsorbable vascular scaffold,' known as Observa, has now started being used in many hospitals. Treatment with the help of BVS means that there will be no implant in the artery forever, and blood arteries will work more naturally and naturally. Not only this, but patients also do not fear that an implant will be placed in their body, which will remain in their body throughout their life. He will be able to do everyday activities smoothly. This modern stent has a long-term better effect on her health and reduces the possibility of symptoms of coronary artery disease in the future. Dr. Jaipur Heart Institute said that these stent coins to be called 'Abeera' had been planted thousands of patients worldwide. It is used in 30 countries of the world. In India, there are quite several BVS so far; 70 to 80 patients in Jaipur have lived BVS.

What are its advantages: -

Heart Institute's Dr. G. Sharma explains that the 'Observe' is the advantages of planting. It does not harm. By applying it to know in which the catalyzes are working in the treatment through the treatment, the doctor can use non-inventive technology. Apart from this, in the future, if the patient needs another CAD process, the doctor will have the freedom to adopt the better choice for the patient's treatment, because of the patient's artery will be free from a permanent implant already. People's trends are now moving towards adopting this technique.

Instead of a conventional state made of metal, there is now a development of "Bio Absorbable Vascular Scaphod (BSV)," which acts as a stent but dissolves once the blood vessels have opened.

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