EYES, WINDOW TO THE SOUL


According to common knowlwdge, your eyes are your window to soul.They can tell you a lot about your inner being, your thoughts and perceptions and who you truly are.Yor eye colour may say a lot about your personality,attitude and spirit.There are lots of things people depicts about different personalities with different eye colours.

We all have taken various personality tests that tell us a little about our personality and fortune but our eyes are actual physical body part of us which reveals the truth of life somehow, especially the colour.If you have Dark Brown/Black eyes you are most likely a leader by birth.Similarly the darker your eyes are the more of melanin is present there.People with dark eyes are usually seen to be very brave.

People with Light and Medium Brown eyes are supposed to be very loving,confident and caring.Once they ma commitment, they always keep their words as their first priority.

People with Grey eyes are quite gentle and wise.You dont generally fool around,and take everything from professional work to love and romance, extremely seriously.Usually people with such eyes are the people with dual personality.

Green Eyes,Oops ! you tend to get jealous very easily, but on the other hand you are intelligent,curious, and pursue life passionately and thus most people find you very attractive and desirable.

Blue Eyes possess great intrinsic strenght and poise, mostly people tend to misjudge you a lot and you guys are very less expressive. Peaceful,smart and kind are the key words to describe you.You are brilliant stratigists with focused minds.

Expressive and deep,the  eyes are said to reveal all of a person, So much can be said through someones eyes thats why they are called as "WINDOW TO YOUR SOUL"



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