What private moment did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner share inside a car in LA?

What private moment did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner share inside a car in LA?

In LA, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have a sweet moment together and continue to get along as co-parents. Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are now wed.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner displayed their affection for one another by sharing a hug on Friday in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, Page Six made some exclusive images public that showed the couple having a tender moment. Garner was in the back seat of Affleck's car, and their eldest child, was seated next to him in the front.

In the pictures, the 51-year-old "Justice League" actor can be seen leaning on his ex-wife's shoulder as she exits the car.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

The "13 Going on 30" actress grinned as she walked back to her own car while wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and a vibrant cardigan.

While co-parenting their three children, Violet and Samuel, the ex-spouses have maintained their friendship. A day after their tenth wedding anniversary in 2015, they announced their separation from one another. In the midst of rumors about Affleck's infidelity and gambling issues, they finally divorced in 2018.

Since then, Garner has been dating businessman John Miller, while Affleck wed Jennifer Lopez, a woman who was once his girlfriend.

In a November 2022 interview with Vogue, Lopez, who has twins Max and Emma with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, praised Garner and Affleck's co-parenting abilities. According to her, they "work well together."

Lopez and Affleck got married in 2002, but their relationship ended in 2004. In 2021, they fell in love again, and in September of that year, they got married.

Since then, the couple has been showing off their love in public and on social media. By sharing fresh pictures from their wedding day on Instagram, Lopez marked their one-year wedding anniversary last month.

In addition to a picture of them kissing, she captioned the post, "One year ago today."

Additionally, she shared a song she had written for her husband, "Dear Ben, I'm sitting here by myself, staring at my ring, feeling overwhelmed, and I want to sing. How did we get here, without a backwards, and, my, this is my life. Jennifer". 

"The transition is a process that needs to be handled with so much care," she continued. They are full of emotions. Young adults. But so far, everything is going great. I want our family to be a place where his kids have a new ally in me and my kids have a new ally in him—someone who really loves and cares about them but can see things from a different angle and help me see things with my kids that I can't see because I'm so emotionally invested in them.

She continued, "I really wanted to find a better way than having to instill fear in them," adding some details from her own parenting philosophy. It's like I can set boundaries with you while still supporting you. The right amount of respect is achieved when you act in a way that they can look up to. Since that wasn't the case when I was younger, it's what I feel like doing.

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