What are the top 20 visiting places in Bangladesh

There are eye-catching tourist spots in Bangladesh like mountain-eating, boat trips on the river, moonlight play in the green, even getting lost in the realm of clouds. Almost every district of this beautiful country has various places of interest. For this reason, many tourists from home and abroad gather in Bangladesh every year to visit.

1. Cox's Bazar:

The world's best beach located in the southeast of Bangladesh. Paharghera Cox's Bazar beach is the longest natural sandy beach in the world. Cox's Bazar is an ideal place for travelers. In addition, there are many ancient installations here.

Bangladesh, Cox Bazar

2. Saint Martin:

St. Martin is one of the coral islands in the world. St. Martin is a wonderful place. St. Martin's Island is especially famous for its dabs. In St. Martin you will find delicious coconut water and shells

.Bangladesh, Saint Martin

3. Rangamati:

Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts is full of natural beauty. The small district town of Kaptai Lake is surrounded by a wide variety of places. The places here are decorated differently at different times of the year. However, the rain gear is completely different.

4. Khagrachari:

The Creator has adorned Khagrachari with infinite beauty. It is home to the vast plains of the Mitali, Chengi, and Maini valleys and the diversity of tribal culture. Wherever the eye goes, it is just greener and greener. Ideal place for travelers. Khagrachhari is a completely hilly area. Here you can enjoy the hanging bridges, the mysterious caves of Alutila, the Rishang waterfalls, and the strange beauty of the hills.

5 Dighinala Bihar:

Dighinala Enjoy Bihar is a very beautiful and quiet place on the way to Sajek Valley. Upon entering it, you will see two temples. One has a large statue of Buddha and the other has two statues of a local named Bhante of Rangamati Bihar.

6. Sylhet:

Sylhet is one of the few tea gardens in Bangladesh. The color, taste, and aroma of Sylhet tea are incomparable. Jaflong of Sylhet is known all over the country as a fairytale.

7. Bichanakandi:

Sylhet is a tourist paradise. Boundary stone beds bordering the country and cold water coming from the Meghalaya hills. Next to the hill green ceremony. The stream of clear water rushing over the small and big rocks has created a pleasant environment in Bichanakandi.

8. Sajak:

Although it is located in Rangamati, you have to go through Khagrachhari. Dighinala from Khagrachhari town, then Sajek via Baghaihat. The whole road is wonderful, the view from the surroundings is also beautiful. On both sides of the road, red-green houses and the folds of the hills were crowded with clouds.

9.Bandarban Boulding Khyang:

The location of the waterfall is in Mongpru Para of Bandarban. This waterfall is carrying a stream of rocky water guarding two huge hills. The scenery will change as soon as you reach the top of the hill. The waterfalls are spreading the whole area in a blanket of white fog.

10. Idrakpur Fort:

Historical archeological sites located at Idrakpur in Munshiganj city. The fort was built to protect Dhaka and Narayanganj from the attacks of Mughal and Portuguese pirates.

11. Lalbagh Fort:

Mughal fort architecture Lalbagh fort. Built in the last half of the seventeenth century, this fort contains the mausoleum of Paribibi, the courthouse, the hammam, the mosque, the fort, etc. Lalbagh fort is located on the banks of the river Buriganga.

12. Nilgiris:

Nilgiris is the highest tourist destination in the country. It is located in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban. There is an opportunity to touch the clouds by mingling with the clouds. Sunrise and sunset in Nilgiris are amazing in the dry season.

13. Nilachal and Suvro Nila:

Located at the entrance of Bandarban district. Clouds are always playing in these 1800 feet high tourist destinations. It is very pleasant to see the view of the surrounding area from these two tourist centers built on this hill.

14. Chalan bill:

The largest bill in Bangladesh is called Chalan Bill. It is popular with tourists. Bil spread across 3 districts can be called the beauty of the monsoon. In the rainy season, the shores are filled with water and the posara of the form is arranged.

15. Ahsan Manzil:

The location of this ancient empire is in the Kumartuli area on the banks of the Buriganga. The manzil is divided into two parts, Rangmahal and Andarmahal. There are many lovely domes above the palace. There is also a museum here.

16. Mahasthangarh:

The traditional antiquities are located in Bogra. The capital of Pundravardhana was present-day Mahasthangarh in Bogra. Bogra also had special administrative importance during the Maurya, Gupta, Pala, and Sen periods. It is located on the west bank of the river Karatoya.

17. Shubhlong fountain:

Shubhlong spring is one of the most interesting places in the Rangamati district. Tourists flock to see this fountain all the time. After a long journey, the waterfall has fallen into Kaptai Lake. There is no obstacle to go near Shuvlongya, so the beauty of the form of the fountain can be enjoyed wholeheartedly.

18. Somapura Mahavihara:

Somapura Mahavihara is located in Paharpur Vihara. It is widely known as a Buddhist monastery in the Indian subcontinent. It is the most famous destination for tourists. Because it is the unique architecture. Most of the Indians visit this place.

19. Lauyachhara Forest:

The hilly road has cut through the dense forest. Rows and rows of trees on both sides. Through it, the soft light of midday or Sahara morning or afternoon has made Lauyachhara more alluring. This forest is located in Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar.

20. Rajban Bihar:

Rajban Buddhist Monastery is one of the many monuments in the Rangamati district. It is a sacred place for Buddhists. It is also an attractive place for the common tourist to make the temple a sight to behold.

21. Chimbuk Hills:

The third-largest mountain in the country. Chimbuk in Bandarban is a well-known name all over the country. The view of the hills on both sides of the road to Chimbuk and the view of the Sangu river are very beautiful. Cloud raft can be seen standing on the hill.

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