What are the Home Remedies For Acidity?

There can be many reasons for stomach acidity problems. But the biggest problem with acidity is that it can bother you anytime and anywhere. Learn about home remedies to avoid acidity here—the easiest and most effective solution. Cold milk is the easiest and effective way to soothe acidity. Drink a glass of cold and faded milk. That is, do not mix sugar in milk and drink it. You will get immediate relief.

Eat jaggery when there is heat in your stomach; you will feel relief after eating jaggery and drinking a freshwater glass. - Keep in mind that if you drink less water than a normal glass after eating jaggery, cough can occur. So eat jaggery and drink a glass of water. The stomach will get cold immediately, and acidity will go away.

After acidity or burning sensation in the stomach, take one spoon of cumin and celery and fry them on the pan. When both of them become cold, take half their quantity and eat it with sugar. Take the remaining mixture after the next meal. You will get relief from acidity in a single dose. But to digest the next meal properly, consume the remaining mixture in the same way. You can drink fresh water if necessary, after eating it with roasted cumin and celery sugar. But drinking fresh water only after 10 minutes. If you want to drink water immediately, then only one sip can drink lukewarm water. You will get benefits.

If there is gooseberry in the house, then you can consume amla by applying black salt. You will get immediate relief. If there is no Amla and Amla is Candy, you can consume it too. In this way, you will get rest within 2 to 3 minutes.

What to avoid during Acidity? 

Acidity (stomach irritation) is associated with abnormal food, so it is important for people suffering from acidity to know that their health does not deteriorate. Thus, in acidity, people should mainly avoid these things-

Acidity (burning sensation in the stomach) is mainly due to overeating. For this reason, if a person is suffering from acidity, then he should take a sufficient amount of food so that his stomach is not pressurized, and the problem of acidity (stomach irritation) can be cured quickly.

All of us should pay special attention to our weight because the more harmful weight is increased, the more harmful weight is also reduced. Therefore, people should keep their weight under control during acidity (stomach irritation).

It is believed that no person should consume narcotics as it can make them ill. This also applies to acidity, so people suffering from acidity (stomach irritation) should abstain from drugs like alcohol.

All doctors recommend dieting fast food during acidity (stomach irritation) to make acidity problems fatal. Therefore, people suffering from acidity (stomach irritation) should take special care of this and avoid fast food consumption. All doctors recommend dieting fast food during acidity (stomach irritation). Because it can make acidity problems fatal, people suffering from acidity (stomach irritation) should take special care of this thing and avoid fast food consumption.

Tomato or citrus fruits should not be consumed in acidity (stomach irritation) as it can spoil the health of people suffering from acidity.

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