What are the Disadvantages of playing some Games.

In the last several the interactive games have had an amazing development in terms of image quality and variety of games. This has led to children and adults spend more time gaming and less time sharing with their families and friends. There are many significant disadvantages to playing video games.

First, electronic games might have a negative impact on personal physical health. Gamers become lazy because they do not exercise every day. For example, they often eat only junk foods while playing, so their physical condition decreases.Moreover, their visibility is reduced by the time playing interactive games, their eyesight is damaged; as a result, they might need glasses. If gamer's visibility decreases they have terrible headaches every day; consequently they do not can sleep efficiently.

The second disadvantage is that video games negatively affect the mental health of people. Players can have a game addiction so they reduced contact with the environment. Playing electronic games loses the competitor's interest in doing their daily activities such as hobbies or sports; thus, they do not perform outdoor activities. furthermore, gamers' attitude changes with interactive games because they can be isolated, so they lack social interaction with their families and friends.

Additionally, children's behavior can be affected by excessive gaming because they do not differentiate between real life and in-game life. when a kid often plays video games, he wants to respond to any like his favorite character in the game, so this promotes his violence. Also, electronic games might produce mood swings in very young people; as a result, they have problems behavior in stressful situations.

So here are three points you should know too:-

1. As people enjoy playing games, lots of time wasted while playing.

2. Sitting in one place and playing games continously is not good for eyes as well as health.

3. Eyestrain, Backpain, Headache may results while playing games.

There are certainly negative effects of online gaming on kids, adults, and youngsters. With over 2 billion gamers worldwide, merely a few are aware of the facts behind gaming. Some dangers of playing online games lurk behind this entertaining and musing world. If you spend a predominant part of your day playing online games, you should be familiar with these risks and cons of playing online games.


The competitive world of gaming can turn your mood hypersensitive at any time. Your nervousness escalates as you advance through the next levels of games. Several studies reveal that playing online games linked to developing traits like low self-efficiency, anxiety disorders, aggression, and depression.


Long hours of playing online games are associated with several health problems. gamers who spend too many hours are prone to acquire eye strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even developing poor posture. Sitting in the same position in front of your computer screen may also turn you less physically active.


Not every online game is meant for kids. What makes the scenario even worse is that there is no age restriction either because of business promotion by game developers.

So, at last, I am not saying that do not play games but do not much that you will get into the disease.

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