What are positive impacts of COVID-19?

      Everybody is wondering what will happen to our jobs, homes, industries, and other sectors of our daily life after six months or years of this pandemic.

       I think all of us understand this horrible situation and what might happen to our future. Many reporters are trying to explain the impacts of COVID-19 on our world. Still, according to my research, we will experience both consequences after this pandemic one is negative, but others will be a positive impact.

Let’s discuss the positive impacts of COVID-19 on us:

Too Much Time for Our Families 

      This is the most significant change in us, which all of us were missing from a long time that in these lockdown days, all of us are sitting with our families and doing lots of activities with them. Before this corona pandemic, everyone was busy with their works. Perhaps there were many people before this lockdown who was not looking, even thinking to their families.

So, this is the positive impact of COVID-19 on us.

 • Climate change

      As all of us know well that transport is also affected or stopped by this pandemic, which is terrible and either good for us. According to scientists, NO2 gas, which releases from different engines of vehicles, affects our air badly. Because of this, gas air gets polluted and become non-transparent. But the good news is the amount of this gas has been decreased in this lockdown period as vehicles are not in form these days. This decrease in this gas has made our air and atmosphere so clean that we can even see places situated at far distant.

     Water is another essential part of our climate and also positively affected by this pandemic. The scale of water pollution has been decreased because of the reduction in polluted gases and other pollutants. So, COVID-19 also has a positive impact on our climate.


      As people are at home in this lockdown period, that’s why they are getting too much time for themselves so that they can take care of them freely. People are eating correctly, sleeping correctly, and even exercising in the correct way in these lockdown days by living at home. Following are a few self-care ideas for you: Exercise at home 

     In these lockdown days, this is not a good idea to go to the gym, but you can do exercise at home, which could be fun for you. You can find some proper workout channels on YouTube and even useful applications that urge you to work hard.

Read Books 

These free days find some interesting books to increase your knowledge. These books could be practical or impractical.

 Reduce Noise 

Whether in the news, emails, or social media, stop having a vast amount of content that increases your fear, anxiety, and stress. By doing this, you will reduce the noise living at home and can take of yourself.

Trend of online classes 

     The biggest revolution in this world because of COVID-19 is the daily routine of online courses, which was not considered before this pandemic. Students have opportunities to learn right away from home; on the other hand, teachers have opportunities to distribute knowledge from their home. So, COVID-19 is also positively impacting us with this trend.

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Bilal Lodhi - Jun 17, 2020, 10:48 PM - Add Reply

Great effort

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Sachin - Jun 20, 2020, 8:37 PM - Add Reply


Amazing article (^_^)

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