What are advantages and disadvantages of lemon?

Lemon has many advantages but less disadvantages so Let’s discuss some benefits of lemon as it can change you living style by keeping you healthy:


It Improves your digestion

Drinking lime water in the morning is laxative and this method can improve your digestive system and also it prevents constipation.

If I would explain it biologically then lemon’s water simulates your Agni and this help your stomach to digest food easily and this method prevents buildup toxic.

Make your skin clean

Lemon contains vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents your skin wrinkles, dry skin from aging and from sun. Some people might think that whether water clears the skin or not but it is proved that lemon water can enhance your skin.

Weight loss

Lemon has an important role in weight loss. If you want to loss weight then everyone would prefer you to use lemon in any form, lemon water, lemon tea etc. Scientifically it is proved that lemon works great in losing weight.

It is proved by research that lemon contains polyphenol antioxidants which significantly loses weight in mic.

In the studies of the mic, the antioxidants found in lemon offset the negative impacts on blood glucose levels and improves insulin resistance, these two things are the main reason of the development of type 2 diabetes.

The best source of vitamin C

Citrus fruits contain a huge amount of vitamin C and lemon is a citrus fruit and it gives a vast amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a primary antioxidant which works as a protector for our cells by preventing damaging free radical from cell also this is common that vitamin C protects us from cold.

Vitamin C protects us from three diseases, lower blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

It gives you fresh breath

It is common in Asians that they rib a small piece of lemon on the part of the body which is giving you bad smell like garlic odor etc. The same is with our bad breath as lemon prevents bad breath from our mouth and gives us freshen breath.

You can prevent your bad breath after a meal by drinking a glass of lemon water. Our dry mouth contains bacteria which leads to bad breath and we can prevent it by drinking lemon water.

It reduces the chance of kidney stone

Lemon is a citrus fruit and it contains citric acid which prevents us from kidney stones.

Biologically, citrate is a part of citric acid and inconsistently it makes urine less acidic which may break up stones of the kidney.

Disadvantages of Lemon

Lemon has various benefits if we use it in a proper way but there are also disadvantages of lemon written below:

Bad for teeth

As I have told you that lemon contains citric acid which may lead to scraping away of tooth enamel and to prevent it use lemon in less amount or indirectly like in food.


Lemon has also a role in heartburn. Because of citric acid found in lemon, some people had heartburn. On the other hand, few got relief from heartburn because of lemon because lemon juice converts in alkaline which reduces acidity during digestion.

So you have seen that lemon has more advantages but very few disadvantages and it gives you a whole new way of eating, drinking or living. So, go use lemon in your meal and water but in a proper way.

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