We Can Only Imagine 10 People with Superpowers

We are swift to admire the superheroes' power, stamina, and other cool stuff that makes them superhuman, especially with all of the DC and Marvel movies coming out. But what about those that don't appear in films but have incredible superpowers? At Bright Side, we discovered ten completely awesome people who are on the verge of becoming superheroes. They do have the means to do so!



Magnet Man (Liew Thow Lin)

Liew Thow Lin is the most well-known person in history who was known for having strange magnetic powers. Any metal object can be stuck to this Chinese man's body. His skin has extremely high levels of friction, which creates a "suction effect," according to scientists from Malaysia's University of Technology.



The Rubber boy, Daniel Browning Smith

This American contortionist, actor, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, and stuntman is known as the world's most flexible person, according to Guinness World Records. His superpower came about as a result of a genetic mutation known as hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It can also cause excruciating pain, but Daniel just has a mild case.



Shi Liliang — Water Runner

For Shi Liliang, walking on water isn't a miracle. In 2015, a Shaolin monk set a new world record by running 125 meters (over 400 feet) on the water's surface. Isn't it something like your old kung-fu movies from the 90s?



Hai Ngoc — Never Sleeps

This guy doesn't need coffee because he's been up for 43 years! Mr. Ngoc is a Vietnamese man who was born in 1942 and suffers from insomnia. He was still mentally sound and worked every day despite his lack of sleep (doing heavy lifting).



Stephen Wiltshire — Perfect visual memory

Stephen Wiltshire is a British architect who is known all over the world for his incredible memory: he can recreate any landscape after only a few seconds of looking at it. Stephen was diagnosed with Savant syndrome when he was a child, and he developed into a "visual memory genius."



Rathakrishnan Velu — Strongest teeth in the world

Another Guinness World Record belongs to this Indian individual. He pulled a train (weighing 260.8 tonnes or 574,964 lb) with his teeth for a distance of 4.2 meters (13 ft 9 in) (13 ft 9 in). Check-in with your own dentist if you think it's not that far. Let's hear what they have to say!



Wim Hof — Thinks no cold

Eternal winter has no impact on him; he is unaffected by cold or heat. He is the creator of the Wim Hof Method, which is based on mental and physical preparation and training in order to withstand extreme temperatures. He's also started hiking with groups of his followers now. He appears to be a very spiritual and well-balanced person.



Ben Underwood, aka Batman,

is a real-life superhero. In both of his eyes, Batman was born with retinoblastoma, a form of cancer. He quickly lost his ability to see as an infant. His mother then found that he began to make "clicking" noises. "He was riding bikes, skating, scaling trees, and doing everything he always did as though he had never lost his sight," his mother says. He used echolocation to fly in the dark, similar to how bats in caves do.



Mr. Eat It All is Michel Lotito

a French comedian who can eat anything, including rubber, metal, and glass. He is most well-known for eating an airplane. If he came across a supervillain, he'd simply eat him!



The Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson

This zookeeper and animal behaviorist from South Africa worked extensively with African animals. He's well known for his intimate friendships and fearless attitude to dealing with animals. You could see him cuddling lions, tigers, and hyenas in photographs.


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