Love or togetherness?

Everyone feels their grief more than others, right? perhaps even true, our own sorrow is greater than the sorrow of all. How do we immerse ourselves in the ocean of sorrow, How do we forget that the person sitting near me is probably more upset than me? if we can try to understand the world and our life would be better. but you can not deny that we are too busy in our lives and we have no time for our family relations and society.  


It was like that between the two, which forced them to fight. Both Nikhil and Naina felt that they are more upset and sad than each other. And this becomes the reason for their divorce, Today both of them were sitting in the courtroom to separate from each other forever I wish! Naina could have understood that Nikhil suffered from her words. That her words sting like a thorn in his mind, that she is dissolving the poison of her bitter things in her and Nikhil's relationship.

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And I wish! Naina could understand Nikhil needs to accompany her. I wish just like that! Nikhil too would have known that Naina misses him, Naina wants his love, not his money. She had to do all of those things which is she didn't want, and if she can do everything for you then why not you? 

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In love on one want to fight with whom they love much and this is so painful to have all kind of things which breaks your relations. if they could try to understand each other then they do not have to see this situation in their life. And their life might be happiest and joyful at the time. 

But maybe now, I wish! Words con never go away from their lives. And might be they would always feel guilty for their this decision.  


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