Super 11 player name. royal Challenger group Bengaluru 2020

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(1) Virat Kohli (batsman) from India

(2) Yogendra Chahal (spinner) India

(3) Shivam Dubey (all-rounder) India

(4) Ishara Udana (all-rounder) Sri Lanka

(5) Navdeep Saini (fast bowler) India

(6) Washington sounder (all-rounder) India

(7) path Patel (wicket-keeper) India

(8) Pawan Negi (all-rounder) India

(9) Mohammad site (fast bowler) India

(10) Gurpreet Singh (wicket-keeper) India

(11) Devadatta Pande Kar (batsman) India


Royal Challenger group Caption

Virat Kohli, a great player, Virat Kohli, is often batting with right hands and bowling in a very ferocious way. When Virat Kohli comes into the field, people get woken up by Virat Kohli Fantastic West Man and Captain Royal Challengers Bangalore.


 (2) _yuzvendra Chahal, who is a great sleeper Royal Challengers Bangalore team has the same volume best sniffer Yuzvendra Chahal who bongs from India Yuzvendra Chahal used to play in this team of Bengaluru from the beginning and still playing today


 (3) _Shivam Dubey, the best all-rounder cricketer, one of the best players of the Bangalore team, is counted in jockey all-rounder Shivam Dubey specializes in all things batsman bowler sniper.


 (4) _Navdeep Saini who is counted in a fast bowler Royal Challenger Group The best fast bowler Navdeep Saini who performs a red answer: Navdeep Saini in the field bongs from Jogi India


 (5) _Umesh Yadav who comes in a fast bowler of a Royal Challenger Umesh Yadav often bowls when Prestwick in free time and when his match starts, and it lands on the ground, then Umesh Yadav Wakes up Umesh Yadav who borrows from India


 (6) _Washington Shandar, who comes in the Royal Challenger's all-rounder, Jogi is a great batsman and bowler also borrows from Washington Great India


 (7) _Punchies Patel Offers Wicketkeeper Royal Challenger Birds Patel Bongs On Birds Patel India A Best Offer In The Field Birds Patel Is Part Of Royal Challenger Group


 (8) _Pavan Negi, a part of Royal Challenger Group, all-rounder Pawan Negi Bangalore team who borrows from India being an excellent wicketkeeper, also gets the chance of an all-rounder sometimes.


 (9) _ Mohabbat Sera Fast Bowler Bengaluru team's Virat Kohli's right hand Jogi Mohabbat only comes in the fast bowler who makes a great performance, even from India here on the ground.


 (10) _Gurpirat Singh Jogi is a great wicketkeeper from Royal Challengers Bangalore who borrows from Idea. Gurpreet Singh is a great player


 (11) _Dev Dutta Pandey is one of the best batsmen of Royal Challenger who belongs to India

Royal Challenger impressive group

Royal Challenger Bangalore is a great team, Jogi is Virat Kohli's team, Virat Kohli has 18 players in his team, and everyone is better than one, when this team has lifted very big on its own and is going to lift the South in Bengaluru team There are also players from Africa and all are more than one, who create a ruckus as soon as they get into the field, the T20 is going on right now, which is an exciting cricket game.

Royal Challenger group is India's difficult team super royal Challenger group 11 name player India in the awesome group.


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