Virat Kohli's Earning from Brands


List of Celebrities earning from brands

Cricketeer Virat Kohli is on the top of the list of earning from brands. His total earning is around (23.80 Crore dollars) in rupess (1700 crore's), and from this he is on the top.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar is on the second position of celebs brands earning. His earning is around 740 crore's. But still his earning is 960 crore's less then Virat's earning.

Akshay has left behind Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and came on second position. Aamir Khan  and Deepika Padukone has large loss in their brand earning . They're earning is getting less day by day.

Daph and Plepse has published their report on celebrities brand earning in 2019. Where Deepika was on the second position last year and she has came on third position by earning 650 Crore rupees (9.35 crore dollars) she has moved on third position and she is replaced by Akshay Kumar.

Deepika has got loss in her earning because she has went to JNU for her movie Chapakk. Where two groups has fought and she stood with  the support of second group, after that this news was viral in all newapapers and Television news channels. Then she has  faced anger of people by result her movie got flop and it's earning was quite less as compared with other movie's . Where Akshay Kumar's brand value has increased with the help of the interview of our prime minister Narendra Modi. Where he asked questions to Mr. Modi and those were relevant and he has won people's heart from this. Where Deepika has loss in her earning but her husband got jump in his earning.

Salman Khan is on the Sixth position where Shah Rukh Khan is on the fifth. Salman Khan's earning is around 385 crore's and Shah Rukh Khan's earning is around 460 crore's.

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