Understand the Pulse of the user.

Some product s give ease of use and the best strength also. It also provide value to the dealers as compared to its  competitor. The dealers put it , I am loyal ing in undisputed trust from his client fir the past many many years. 

Some  products  offers better satisfaction and quality in comparison to other competitive products. So the contractors never compromise in quality and always use the same assured product. For understanding the pulses of dealer, as well as users some training activities are also being conducted for building condidate in them about the product throughout the year as well as periodically. Their comments and opinions are collected. this way. 

 Such activity helps the manufacturer in improving the quality of the product technically as well as satisfaction of the dealer and user. 

Such products had critical functionality in the dealers opinions and any compromise on the quality of the product would mean to provide sub standard product.Although the some marginal cost aspect can be understood but the quality must be maintained. 

Any compromise in quality would mean that loosing confidence of dealers and users. The dealers and users must be educated to use right quantity of product without any misorness. This will bring the maximum result in performance of the product.  Regular feedback must be obtained from the market to compete the price fluctuations.

The package of the product also effect of its easy flow in the market. Even size of products should be provided time by time to fulfill the demand of the product from market. Even packing material and package sizes should be very convenient and durable to maintain the stock of the required period of the products stability. The sales procedure should also be made so efficiently and easy for all kinds of dealers and the users.

Proud should be made available as and when required as per the need of dealer and users.

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