Articale is about  the journey of life

We are travelers, here we meet a lot of people on the roads, many og them just  cross us, there are some who  spend some time traveling and then their destination is something else.

there are those who make the promise of walking to the destination. but the fact is that nobody walks along.

they are all-time neighbors, learn alot,  they will not say to our destination if we already know and understand that we will not have any problems for our enternal journey, nor should our heart be sad, because enternal journey is that only one to go through. and the traveler who truly tastes the journey alone travels alone wether it is a trip to this world or to this world.

the paths we are on life are different, but the destination is the same. in this journey of life, it is very easy for a person to understand his destination. 

there are many small things in life  what we do not give any importance to, but in reallity they are the  joy of our heart and blessing from ALLAH almighty. you forbid me millions , but i will write ALLAH Sai. this is my love for my GOD.

Never forget to light your inside. in order to live life to the fullest, inside candle should always be bright. i have no answer for what i lost and found this year, because i have felt a lot of light inside me, and it is difficult to express emotions in words. to understand the light inside, it must be broken and injured. i too was a thief with wounds inside. then i filled my heart with the light of true love . now i am very happy and satisfied.

these words are mine, maybe words back and forth, meaningless but you do not understand the meaning.

Lets go...


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