Top ten things the central government must do for Self-employed professionals post covid-19

The Economic Situation is alarming in the Country in the wake of the deadliest Covid-19 Pandemic. The IMF and other important world's economic governing bodies have forecast negative growth rates in the current fiscal year of 2020-2021. The people of this country have been going through the most difficult times ever in the history of mankind.  People are compelled to stay at their homes due to the countrywide total lockdown arising out of the unprecedented covid-19 havoc. In this situation of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity we would like to draw the attention of the Government towards the economic catastrophes that the Self-employed professionals are facing after the outbreak of the Pandemic

1. Unlike the Employees of Corporate sectors, government, and other Big businesses, the Self-employed professionals are at the highest risk of being economically stifled. they don't have any kind of financial security in any form. They are forced to spend out of their accumulated  savings and they are on the verge of becoming financially bankrupt 

2. The Salaried classes of both the government and private sectors are a bit safe although they are most likely to get their deducted salaries. On the other hand, Self-employed professionals don't have any such cushions. 

3. The Central government had announced a few days back an economic package of 1.70 lacs crores for different sectors catering to the economy of India completely ignoring the Self-employed classes. Though They are contributing to the Indian economy significantly yet they have been left out of the financial relief plan. 

4. They too are the taxpayers and they do file income tax returns. The Govt must take into consideration their immediate and urgent needs and the government needs to ensure with concrete steps for their financial securities in this hour of utmost affliction with the Novel Coronavirus. 

5. The Modi Govt has been laying emphasis on entrepreneurship and startups since it came to power with a brute majority in 2014. But we are not witnessing anything substantial to encourage them with financial security. Self-employed professionals are one of the worst sufferers of the covid-19.

6. Self-employed professionals don't have any backup from the government in this horrible scenario. They have depleted all their savings in the last 38 days and now the means to support their livelihood is in danger.

7. Our Self-employed classes are contributors to the economy and any laxity on the part of government will be hazardous. The Government should bring out some special economic packages to bail out this deprived class. The Government must also incentivize this class in terms of offering financial cushions till the time of eradication of the covid-19 Pandemic.

8. The Self-employed classes are not begging from the government they are just asking the government to be standing in the shoulder to shoulder with them( Self-employed professionals) at this critical juncture.

9. These professionals do push our economy indirectly by employing at least one person with them. This is a significant step towards every individual of this country becoming self-reliant.

10. Our government must take this issue of the Self-employed professionals with all seriousness and we do understand that the government is sensitive and it will do for us as we are also one of the significant contributors to nation-building.

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