Top 10 popular sports in the world

Friends, Here we look at the top 10 popular sports in the world.

01.Association Football

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It is a collective game and is played between two teams eleven is usually played on a rectangular grass artificial grass field with one goal at each end.the objective if the game is to manipulate the ball into the goal of the opposing team. and this game has the highest of 3.5 billion fans.

02. Cricket

The international cricket match started in 1844 and the match was played between Canada vs United States cricket played for more than 140 years, is one of the most talked-about sports in the world.and the fan following of this game is 2.5 billion.

03. Basketball

Basketball is a team sport, in which five players from a team are on the court at the time and source a ball against their opponent in a 10 foot(3,048m) high circle (goal), scoring them under organized rule's. let try and this game is a very popular ha also 2.5 billion fans.

04. Hockey

Hockey is a sport in which two teams try to roll a rubber or hard plastic ball into the net or goal of their opposing team with the help of a special stick made of wood or hard metal or started in Egypt 4,000 years ago from 2010.after this it came in many countries but could not find the proper started in India more than 150 years the field of play between two opposing teams of 11 players, each player uses a twisted stick at the point to hit a small and hardball into the opposing team's goal. one such sport played in ice is called plain hockey to distinguish it from Ice hockey. the hockey played in the boundary wall, which consists of six players in a squad and six players are kept for change and has a fan following of 2.5 billion.

05. Tennis

Tennis is thought to have originated in France in the middle that time that game used to be indoor i.e. under the the last year's of the 19nth century in England, tennis was born, which is played in the garden outside the terrace and later became popular all over the this support is included in the Olympics and is very popular among crores of people of all major countries of the has 1 billion fans.

06. Volleyball

Volleyball is a 19th-century American-origin sport.known and popular worldwide, many events and international sports tournaments such as the Olympics game and the pan American games are present. the sport ha 900 million fans in the world.

07. Table tennis

Table tennis is also called ping pong. table tennis was designed to be played within rooms. table tennis first started in 1922, the table tennis association was formed in England and the first world competition was held in London. Now this game has become very popular and is played in 71 countries in the world.table tennis is very popular today. table tennis is played by millions and tennis is 2.5 inches. and this game is supported by 900 million peoples.

08. Baseball

The main purpose of baseball is to hit the ball with only one club, usually as far as possible and correctly within the boundary of the field, and four chairs that are in the field until you reach the endpoint as far as any point has been reached, this game is also seen by 500 million people.

09. Rugby

Rugby football is currently in two sports rugby league or rugby union or one of the many common forms of football developed in different parts of the United Kingdom. This game is also followed by 410 million peoples.

10. Golf

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The Golf field is very wide and the entire field is full of green grass.this ground is called a golf course in it, several pits are made from place to place, which is called Hazards and they have different marks. players have to score by putting balls in these pits.this game is watched by 390 million peoples.

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