Top six best cosmetic surgery.

The trend of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has increased over time. Plastic surgery is done on damage to body parts due to infection, cancer, accident, burns, or any other reason. At the same time, the purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance the beauty of the organs. According to a 2017 report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, people in the US spent $ 6.5 billion on cosmetic surgery. In most cases, women undergo surgery of their breasts, nose, and eyelids. Now, this trend is increasing in India too. On July 15, Plastic Surgery Day, know which plastic or cosmetic surgeries are prevalent and what kind of risk is there in this process.

Six prevalent.

 One liposuction: -

Through this surgery of thigh, waist, abdomen, hand, the foot is done. In this, an attempt is made to remove the fat from a particular place and give it a proper shape. The most significant risk is inflammation. After surgery, the swelling may persist for several months, and the skin may also hang.

 Two breast augmentation: -

That is to shape the breast. In recent years, the number of women undergoing this surgery has increased rapidly. In the US alone, there are 3 lakh breast surgeries every year. Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Surgery are done with the same breast size. In one or two weeks of these surgeries, everything becomes normal. The most significant risk is that there may be a lump in the breast after surgery.

3 Blepharoplasty: -

This surgery is done on eyebrows. Women undergo surgery to bring their drooping eyebrows into shape. Being close to the eye, the risk here is high. It is advisable to avoid sunlight, dust, and smoke for some time after surgery. Due to this, there is a risk of infection due to repeated eye rubbing. Usually, everything goes well in 10 to 14 days.

 Four abdominoplasty: -

This surgery is done to get the abdomen in good shape. Efforts are made to remove excess fat and skin. After pregnancy, the women underwent this surgery to get the belly in the right way. Surgeries pass on people who do not have much fat in their stomachs, but the skin is hanging. The patient returns to normal within two to three weeks of surgery. There is a risk of drug infection.

5 Rhinoplasty: -

This surgery is done for the beauty of the nose. People resort to this surgery when the trunk is flat or more significant than usual. Women make their nose sharp to look beautiful. Surgery is done within a few hours and discharged from the hospital in one to two days. It has the highest risk of inflammation. Additionally, the skin color may also change due to infection.

6 Vitrectomy: -

This cosmetic surgery is done to remove wrinkles of old age. There is an attempt to show youth by tightening the screen. It may take several weeks to get the patient back to normal. The most significant risk is inflammation and infection on the skin. Similarly, a forehead lift is also a form of cosmetic surgery, in which the wrinkles of the forehead are removed.

These risks occur in cosmetic surgery:-

There are advantages as well if there are advantages of cost metric surgery. Many times the results are not available according to your choice. They react by eating a lot of medicines. Muscle damage occurs. The scars of the surgery will likely last a lifetime. There is always a possibility of pain in the breast after surgery. If the novice is a surgeon, there is a fear of bleeding. Cosmetic surgery does not still fail or does not always have its disadvantages. According to the Medical Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery published in the US, only one percent of 25,000 cases have difficulty. Therefore the most important is to select a qualified surgeon. In one percent of cosmetic surgery cases, a blood bag is formed at the site of surgery. Hematomas do this. There is a constant pain in it. There is a risk of seroma. A condition of seroma occurs when the serum or fluid used for surgery falls below the skin's surface. As a result, swelling and pain persist. It is a common complication that occurs in 15 to 30 percent of patients. Many patients experience drowsiness after surgery. This happens because of nurse damage. Blood clotting (especially in the legs) is also a complication. It is called Deep Vein Thrombosis in the medical language.

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