The human body is such a magnificent machine. When things go wrong, it doesn't shut off without giving warning signals. Instead, it sends us various signals through little noticeable changes in your body, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

For the smooth function of the body, you must provide your body with the essential nutrients daily. Lacking such nutrients can cause you some basic body sings you should worry about.


Here are some of the sings that you should not neglect in your body, such as:-




It is due to a lack of "vitamin" "E" in your body. You should always massage your body With almond oil to fix it.


2. Bleeding gums or Ulcers and cuts on tongue


If you get this problem always, then your body is literally craving vitamin c. Add some vitamin c rich foods like amla, oranges, etc 


3. Cracking sound in joints while bending squatting 


You can notice that your knee's arms get *pop* sounds on bending while doing some physical work, etc. This is due to calcium deficiency in your body. To fix this, add some dairy products; they are extremely rich in calcium.


4. Cracked corners of heels, ulcers on lips


This happens due to VITAMIN B2 deficiency in your body. Add chicken breast, cheese, eggs to your diet to get rid of this problem.


5. Any problems related to hair, skin, digestion


* These problems may occur due to lack of b vitamins—control eating junk food and some healthy leafy stuff on your diet to fix it.


6. Fatigue and low energy level


If you feel fatigued all the time low energy level, it means you're body lack zinc. Add zinc-rich fruits like banana beans like lentils, chick peas to your diet. Exercise regularly for atleast 30min. To see maximum benefit.


7. Hairfall


This is the most common problem people suffering from this problem may vary from person to person maybe due to genetic problems or due to deficiency of biotin in their body. Some of the biotin rich foods are whole eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, etc... If it's getting worse, go for medication.


8. Black spots or acne on your back 


This majorly happens due to unhygienic lifestyle using the same clothes, pillows, bedsheet; you should always wear clean washed clothes and all those things which get in contact with your body. According to doctors, many people face back acne problems due to fatty liver seek medical help if it gets worsen.


So basically, the key to having a healthy body depends on what you eat; everything in moderation is fine; you can eat junk but don't make it a crucial meal on your diet. Eat "healthy stay, immortal."


Thus, these all are the basic signs and their solution that you must not neglect; otherwise, it will worsen your body's health and may cause different deformities if not treated well on time. So eat well and feel the good diet is the precious key.!



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