Top 8 signs which proves you are Genius

Top 8 sign which proves you are genius.

From the colour of their eyes to the size of their Heads, There are so many physical characteristics that are found in Geniuses. If you want to discover just how smart you are, we are about to show you all the body Parts and everyday habits that will prove your level of intelligence. 

Sign which prove you are Genius

If you have Siblings, you don't want to miss what Researchers have to say about your IQ level. Stay to find out! Today we will be showing you 10 signs you are a Genius. 



1) Pupil Size:-

If you want to know how smart yoou are, you Don't need to take an IQ Test. All you have to do is look at the size of your Pupils yes that's RightPupil

According to a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, there's a direct correlation between the size of the pupils and how smart you are. A total of 512 participants took part in the study to determine the exact relationship between resting Pupil size, their memory capacity, and their intelligence level. 

The Participants' pupils were measured by eye-tracking units that monitored their eyes while they carried out various mentally stimulating Tasks. When the study was finished, the results were shocking! Researchers were able to determine that there was a major difference in the size of the pupils in those individuals who had lower intelligence and those with a heightened sense of intelligence. A finding in the study shows that those with higher cognitive ability had a much larger pupil size. So are the eyes truly the windows to intelligence well, If you believe the findings of this study, then the answer is yes. This experiment is quite controversial, and many believe the findings of the tests are Inconclusive. 

But even so, it's still pretty interesting to think you can tell someone's level of intelligence just by gazing into their eyes, Don't you think?


 2) Finger length:-

Finger length

Next, we're going to show you how your hands can determine just how smart you are. In a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, Researchers compared the finger length of 75 children to their standardized assessment test scores. In their findings, they determined there was a clear link between The children's performance on the test and the lengths of their Index and Ring fingers. Each finger was measured using Calipers, and the length of the Index finger was divided by the length of the Ring Finger. The total was called the "Digit Ratio". Boys with shorter Index Fingers were found to Excel in math, while Girls with Index and Ring Fingers of the same length were determined to be much smarter. Scientists believe the length of the Fingers has to do with different hormone levels that a baby is exposed to in the womb these hormones are said to have an effect on the brain and the length of our Fingers. Now that I have given you a bit of information, I bet you're staring down at your hands right about now, aren't you? well, what do you see is your Ring finger the same length as your Index finger? If so, leave us a comment down below!

3) Body hair:-

This next intelligence test might seem bogus, but it has a lot of research to back it up. 

Body Hair

A psychiatrist named Dr Elias has been studying the relationship between body hair and intelligence for over two decades. and his results will amaze you. To begin his research, the doctor studied the bodies of various American medical students through his findings, He discovered that there was a correlation between intelligence and the amount of body hair male medical students had. According to his study, doctors and those who are considered highly educated tend to have Hairier chests. He also researched the academic ranking of the students he examined, and he discovered that the Hairier men have higher IQs. But that's not all, He also studied the bodies of male Mensa members. Mensa is a nonprofit organization that's considered the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Only people who can prove their intelligence by taking a test are eligible to join this prestigious Club. Dr Elias discovered that the majority of male Mensa members had more hair on their body in comparison to the average population. So there you have it. 

If you're covered in hair on your chest and back, don't bother shaving or waxing it off. Wear it with pride because it's a sign of just how intelligent you are!



Some Researchers believe there's a difference in the intelligence level between short and tall people. 


Two researchers from the universities of Pennsylvania and Michigan discovered that your height when you reach the age of 16 years old can determine your social status and how much money you'll make as an Adult. So what is your salary have to do with how smart you are? well, the studies showed that those who are taller earned a much higher paycheck, and they believed that smarter people held jobs that allowed them to collect higher pay. 

Another study conducted by Princeton University also found that tall people earn more money, and they also suggested it was because of their higher sense of intelligence. The Researchers of this studied followed two groups of students one group was born in 1958 and the other was born in 1970 they checked in on the students as they reached adulthood, and they found that those who are taller than average at a young age earned more money as adults and had a higher than average intelligence level. But don't let this study determine how smart you are. our height is what makes us unique. 

So no matter if you're tall or short, you're still special in your unique way!


5) Night owl:-

Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night? well, if you consider yourself to be a night owl, we have some surprising news for you. 

Night owl

Staying up late and being unable to go to bed at a decent hour may not be such a bad thing after all. The time you go to bed can determine if you're a Genius. To prove that the night owls have a higher IQ, a group of Americans and their sleeping patterns were closely monitored in the findings, it was shown that children who grow up to be night owls as adults are much more intelligent. The children with high IQs would go to bed later on weeknights and weekends than children with low and normal IQs. As an example, the study determined that kids with IQs less than 75 had an average bedtime of 11:41 P.M. on weeknights, while children were an IQ over 125 generally fell asleep around 12:29 A.M. and so what's the real reason that a later bedtime is directly related to intelligence? well, some believe it's because at night time, while everyone else is asleep, the highly intelligent person likes to stay up late to think about life and come up with new ideas.


6) Eye colour:-

For this next test, you'll need to look at the colour of your eyes to determine how much of a genius you are. No matter if you have light eyes or dark eyes, it Doesn't matter. 

Eye colour

These two shades are each related to how well you perform at a series of tasks. To complete the study, A researcher looks at people with light eyes and those with dark eyes. The people with light eyes were found to perform better at behaviours that required delay and self-pacing, such as golf, and pitching a baseball. and individuals with dark eyes perform better at behaviours requiring speed, sensitivity and reactivity, like boxing and hitting a baseball. Another study was concluded to determine the intelligence levels of those who have blue eyes and people with brown eyes according to U.S. scientists, they found that people with blue eyes may excel when it comes to academics, and they are more strategic in their way of thinking. and overall, brown-eyed people aren't bookworms but they're much better when it comes to playing Sports. 

so what colour are your eyes? Do you think scientists can determine how smart someone is just by the colour of their eyes?


7) Eldest child:-

So far, we've shown you so many different intelligence tests to determine if you're a Genius. But some of these tests don't require much research, like this next one on our list. 

To find out if you're smarter than average or not, you might not have to look any further than your family tree. In a study, researchers looked at the relationship between IQ and birth order and Males. The difference we're very small, But they were noticeable enough for them to conclude that the eldest male child in a family usually has a higher IQ in his siblings. So if you're a guy and you're the eldest in your family, Congrats! you just might be a genius! but researchers were also quick to point out that their findings have nothing to do with biological factors or genetics it was all based on family dynamics. more studies will need to be conducted in the future to see if the results apply to women accord the eldest and their families as well.

Do you think researchers will come to the same conclusion, or do you think birth order has nothing to do with how smart someone is?


8) Vegetarian:-

If you're a vegetarian, your love for veggies is probably related to your commitment to eating a plant-based healthier diet but according to a University of Southampton study, there could be a link between intelligent children and a vegetarian lifestyle.


In the study, 8,179 men and women had their IQs tested when they were 10 years old. By the time they turned 30,4.5% of the participants said that they either converted to being a vegan or vegetarian. Those who labelled themselves as vegetarians were found that the IQ test they took at the age of ten had a score of five points above average. the scientists concluded that because becoming a vegetarian has its benefits when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, It's a lifestyle choice that many clever people tend to make. The study also found that the vegetarians were more likely to be female, They had a higher occupational social class, and they had higher levels of education than non-vegetarians but surprisingly, there was no difference in the IQ score between those who are strict vegetarians and more lenient vegetarians who enjoyed fish or chicken from time to time but even if you're a meat-lover, there are still other ways for you to prove that your Genius 

Thanks for Reading article till end .If this Article just proved that you're a genius let us know which traits you can relate to in the comment section and Don't forget to share with your friends and family. So you can find how smart they are?

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