Top 7 noteworthy travel destination in Bangladesh

Who doesn't love to travel? I think no one! A more significant portion of the People from all around the world is fancy about moving.

Bangladesh is mainly a riverine country. It is called the 'Land of River' and is also one of the world's largest island states. It is the only nation that fights for their mother tongue, and '21st February' known as the 'International Mother Language Day.' (

Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country on 16th December 1971 following nine-month warfare of liberation. (,_The)

Bangladesh, a stunning small country in South Asia bordering with India and Myanmar, is yet to be developed in tourism. What extraordinary things are there to explore in Bangladesh? The reality is that you cannot afford to be ignorant of some of the enormously magnificent places without visiting them. Missing those wonderful places would perhaps be relatively like visiting Norway without exploring the Mid Night Sun. So, here are the most desired and eye-catching seven places in Bangladesh:

1. Cox's Bazar

Amazing sunset in Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazaar is one of the fascinating Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar sea beach is the longest in the world. Its total length is 120km. The blue water of the Bay of Bengal with the beautiful wave and surrounded by the dense forest will make you visit this place again and again.

This place was named by an officer of the British East India Company, called Captain Hiram Cox. It's a place with the miles of golden sands, surfing waves, fantabulous conch shells, amazing pagodas, and mouthwatering seafood. The most fantastic thing about this place is it is a shark-free beach and has its reputation for bathing, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The astonishing beauty of the sunset behind the vast sea is breathtaking.

2. The Sundarbans

Deers are roaming and playing and enjoying

The Sundarbans, an unparalleled eco-friendly tourist place, is the largest Mangrove Forest on the planet earth.

The word Sundarbans denotes a beautiful forest. However, the name is derived from the "Sundari" trees, which are seen here frequently.

This forest is mainly known for the Royal Bengal Tiger, albeit different creatures are available there. You can see the spotted deer, Saltwater, many other types of birds, crocodiles, etc. The huge forest is the dwelling place for 42 species of mammal, 250 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles, 120 species of fish, and eight species of amphibians.

3. Kuakata

This is an amazing beach which will make you quiet and calm. You can take Sunbathe

Known as the Sagar Kanya or the Daughter of the sea, Kuakata is renowned for Its picturesque sea beach, the desired travel destination. This beach is 18 km long and 3km wide, located in Kalapara police station of Patuakhali district. You can witness the magical view of both sunrise and sunset. It is a great combination of natural beauty, extensive blue sky, vast bay, sandy beach, and the evergreen Jhaubon.

Here one can gain experience to see the 100 years old Buddist temple and two wells of almost 200 years old. This place is so serene, so calm, and so quiet. You will fall in love with this place.

4. The St. Martin's Island

It is known by his old Bengali name Narikel Jinjira ( the island of coconut ) and Daruchinir Deep ( island of cinnamon ), but most people know it as St. Martin's Island. With a length of 8km, it is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is located about 9km south of the tip of the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf peninsula. The island is surrounded by lots of coconut trees. The panoramic beauty of the island and primordial marine life always attract tourists. Glamorous landscape, the crystal clear blue water, ( is like a dope 😇), coral locality, and the roar of the Bay of Bengal is the core attraction for the visitors. The mesmerizing view will make you spellbound.

5. Jaflong

Jaflong is one of the most famous places to visit. It is located at the border between Bangladesh and Meghalaya. The place is 60km from Sylhet town (Sylhet city produced the highest amount of tea and is mostly known for its Tea garden ). This magnificent spot and its dramatic landscape of beautiful hills and yards mesmerize the visitors. This place is also renowned for its stone collection coming from the Himalayan Mountains. It is the home of the Khasi tribe. Travelers mainly visit this place in winter to see the stone collecting process. Still, during monsoon, Jaflong expresses its diverse type of beauty with numerous falls cascading from lush green mountains. The astound beauty of clouds and gushing waterfalls streaming from the green mountains enamor locals as well as tourists.

6. Sonargaon

Sonargaon, or the village of gold, is a tremendous place to visit.

It was the capital of Bengal in the medieval period. It was a significant business center at that time. First, it was ruled by independent rulers, and then it lost its pride after becoming the capital in 1610. During the British period, wealthy Hindu merchants established a city called Panam Nagar(know as the lost city) near Sonargaon.

At present, a greater portion of tourists visits Sonargaon to see Panam Nagar, which bears witness to Sonargaon's glorious history. This place will be an excellent choice for travelers who love to explore old historical places.

7. Sajek Valley

Not but the least, I kept this place in the last because it's a place of thousand miracles, and anyone will be amazed to see its tremendous beauty.

Sajek Valley is the topmost travel destination in Bangladesh. It is known as the queen of hills and roof of Rangamati. It is situated among the mountains of the Baghaichhari Upazila in the Rangamati District. This mind-boggling place is about 1800 feet above sea level. To enjoy quality time and see its natural beauty, uncountable people come here. I'm out of my word to define this place. No name is enough to set the startling beauty of Sajek Valley. The deep forest (where you can hide and can be a part of the adventure), grassland, hilly areas ( you can go for trekking ) make it a lovely Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh and one of the best choices among the travelers, adventure lover and digital nomads. The magnificent beauty will make you feel like the view of heaven on earth. If you want to touch the cloud, if you're going to experience the astound beauty of sea level from above 1800 feet, if you love adventure, then it's definitely for you.

So, this was my top 7 travel destination in Bangladesh. I hope you will find it informative and always enjoy traveling. Spread love.🤘

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