Top 7 Habits And Activities Which Damage Our Brain

If you want to keep your brain healthy and you don’t want to face any brain dieses in your life like a brain tumor, brain cancer, and other deadly diseases, read the following paragraphs and keep your health secure because dieses of the brain are dangerous so we must apply following things. 

  1. Covering the head while Sleeping 


Mostly we cover our head with a blanket while sleeping because it feels warm and very much comfortable, but actually, this is very much harmful to your health. Your brain needs oxygen for proper functioning. When you cover your head while sleeping, carbon dioxide increases and oxygen decreases, affecting brain cells. It will be very dangerous, so avoid the covering while sleeping. 

  1. I was playing music too loudly with headphones. 


People nowadays listen to music in headphones with high volume, which is dangerous because you can face permanent disability. It increases the chance of losing your memory, damaging your brain tissues. It is taken very lightly in our society, and in the end, we face a lot of complicated, we must listen to the music in headphones, but the volume must be light. 

  1. I am not getting enough sleep enough or adequately. 


When you don’t sleep enough, you can face drowsiness, embarrassment, depression, and other harmful diseases. It is said that “If you don’t take a single night proper sleep, then you will not be able to memorize new information on the next day.” So please take your sleep properly. 

  1. I am not taking breakfast and water properly. 


Many people forget to take breakfast, or many don’t take it consciously. Still, when we don’t take breakfast, this attitude can damage our brain because our brain needs nutrition after getting sleep, so ensure that you are taking breakfast after getting sleep. Carrying water is so much crucial for the mind because 80% of our brain is water. If you will take proper and enough water, then your brain will work properly and quickly.

  1. Smoking  


You know well-smoking causes of cancer, but it must be in your information that smoking is the cause of cancer, but it is also a cause of Alzheimer’s disease, leading you towards dead, so ensure not to take it. Mostly in our society, people freely use cigarettes, and even nowadays, it seems fashionable to smoke the cigarette. Still, we must keep in mind that it causes cancer and damages our mind. We must avoid smoking for better health. 

  1. Overeating Food 


Mostly few people take overeating, and they think that they are taking proper and enough diet for properly survival. Still, they must know that it hardens your brain arteries when you are overeating, and it damages your mental disabilities. 

  1. Taking too much Sugar 


It is widespread to take Sugar a lot in your daily routine, but actually, it is harmful because taking too much Sugar can distribute your brain's capacity so avid to take too much Sugar. 

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NOISYDUDE - Oct 12, 2020, 2:30 PM - Add Reply

Nice content. Good work

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