Top 7 Best Educational YouTube channel in the world

Nowadays, if anyone is asked which is the Best Online Platform for Entertainment and Education, then your first answer would be YouTube!


YouTube is the largest online streaming platform in the world, with access to every corner of the globe and to people of all classes and ages! Here you can also get the information of your choice and share your information the most! Many people think that you can only watch Music and Entertainment Videos on YouTube, but this is not true; there are also many Education related channels on YouTube that share their information with people of all classes!


Today we are going to tell you about some of the best Educational YouTube Channels, which explain their information to you in a very simple and very simple way, which you may explain in your coaching institute! So let us know today about some of the best performing YouTube Educational Channel on YouTube.


Top 7 Best Educational YouTube channel in the world :


1. TEDEd :

This is an Educational Channel that makes animated videos! The aim is to spread new ideas all over the world! You can find out from this subscriber how much this channel is being liked by people and how many people are liking this channel's idea; its subscriber has more than 13.20 million subscribers!


2. CrashCourse :

This crash course from The United States is an Educational Channel, started by Greek Brothers, Jon, and Hanks! In it, you get videos on History, Biology, Science and many more important topics! The way this channel is told is so simple that it has more than 11.25 million subscribers!


3. Vsauce :

This is a YouTube Channel started by Michael Stevens! On this channel, you will find very important videos on scientific, psychological, technology-related topics, from which you can learn a lot! The number of people who like this channel has exceeded 16.5 million subscribers!


4. SmarterEveryDay :

This is a YouTube Channel that solves the mysteries of the Universe with the help of Science! And also explains it in a very easy way! If you also want answers to big and small questions related to Universe, then you can visit this channel! This channel has reached 9.39 million subscribers!


5. Veritasium :

This is a YouTube Channel that makes Science Video and also conducts Experiment with it, plus it brings Science Expert Interviews and many Demo Videos related to Science! It explains its Science Experiment in a very good way, then the number of Subscribers of this channel is going to be 8.12 million subscribers!


6. AsapSCIENCE :

From the name of this channel you know that this channel is a channel based on science, on this channel the things that are used daily are practically explained! Everything is explained to you in such a simple way that your interest will also be in science! In it you will find some science topics, which you may not understand till today, all that you can find inside this channel, by which you can easily understand it! It has over 9.50 million subscribers!


7. BBC Earth :

This is a YouTube Channel that provides very interesting information about all the animals and wildlife in this universe! You can also watch Wildlife Documentry on this channel! And you can see a lot of animals living in this world very closely! And you can also know the special things related to them! If you are interested in wildlife and want to see and understand nature up close then this might be the Best YouTube Channel for you! This channel is going to have more than 8.80 million subscribers.


Conclusion :

 After reading this article, you have a clear view of the top 7 best Education YouTube channels in the world. You can choose any channel and learn more.

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