Top 50 Biology questions

Top 50 Biology questions:-



1.: - Which acid accumulation in the muscles leads to exhaustion?

Ans: - Lactic acid

2.: - Which acid is found in grapes?

Ans: - Tartaric acid

3.: - Study of cancer-related diseases is called?

Answer: - Organology

4.: - Which is the longest cell in the human body?

Ans: - Nerve cell

5.: - Teeth are mainly made up of which substance?

Ans: - of dentine

6.: - Which animal has the shape of foot slippers?

Ans: - Paramecium

7.: - How many eyes does earthworm have?

Ans: - Not a single

8.: - Carrot is a rich source of which vitamin? Answer: - Vitamin A

9.: - Protein is not found in which of the following substances?

Ans: - Rice

10.: - How many grams of the human brain is there?

Answer: - 1350

11.: - is a metal found in blood?

Ans: - Loha

12.: - Example of fermentation?

Ans: - Sourness of milk, formation of food bread, the sourness of wet flour.

13.: - Which of the following diet provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the human body?

Ans: - Cheese

14.: - Which of the following is a flying lizard?

Ans: - Draco

15.: - Which is the only snake nest?

Ans: - King Cobra

16.: - Which is the largest fish found in India?

Answer: - the whale shark

17.: - Pulses are a good source of?

Ans: - Protein

18.: - Why does native ghee smell fragrant?

Ans: - Due to diacetyl?

19.: - Which color deflection is more in the rainbow?

Answer: - Red color

20.: Who invented television?

Answer: - J.K. L. Baird

21: - Why does a diamond appear shiny?

Ans: - Due to collective internal reflection

22.: - What is mainly found in 'dung gas'?

Answer: - Methane?

23.: - With which machine the purity of milk is measured?

Ans: - Lactometer

24.: - Which is the highest metal element found on Earth?

Answer: - Aluminum

25.: - The pearl is mainly made up of which substance?

Ans: - Calcium carbonate

26.: - Which element is found in maximum quantity in the human body?

Ans: - Oxygen

27.: - What type of tissues act as the body's protective shield?

Ans: - Epithelium tissue

28.: - Which animal did man first domesticate?

Ans: - Dog

29.: - Which scientist first melted and melted two pieces of ice?

Answer: - Dewey

30.: - Who produces the highest intensity sound?

Answer: - Tiger

31.: - When sound waves move, they take them with them?

Ans: - Energy

32. - Which part of the sun is visible at the time of solar eclipse?

Ans: - Kirit

33. - How many colors are there in the ray of the sun?

Answer: - 7

34. - Who is the inventor of 'the typewriter' (the typing machine)?

Ans: - Sholes

35. - What is vinegar called in the Latin language.

Ans: - Assam

36 .: - Used to remove rust spots from clothes?

Ans: - Oxalic acid

37. - 'Red rot disease' in sugarcane is caused due to?

Ans: - by fungi

38. - What is the botanical name of a mango?

Answer: - Mangifera Indica

39. - 'Chikori churna' mixed with coffee powder is obtained?

Ans: - By roots

40. - What is the best source of Vitamin C?

Ans: - Amla

41:- Study of Kidney

Ans: Nephrology

42:- The bean-shaped organ in the human body?

Ans: Kidneys

43:-The major excretory organ in the human body Pair of?

Ans: Kidney

44:- Name the tube that carries the wire from the kidney to the urinary bladder?

Ans: Ureter

45:-The organ which purifies the blood and the waste materials excreted through urine?

Ans: Kidneys

46:-The organ situated behind the abdomen, is on each side of the vertebral column?

Ans: Kidneys

47:-Each kidney weighs about?

Ans: 150 g

48:-The micro sieves inside the kidney Ans: Nephrons?

49:- The cup-shaped part of a nephron?

Ans: Bowman's capsule

50:- The organ affected by the poison of the viper?

Ans: Kidney


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